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iHEAR TRēO Amplifier

Product Info, Reviews, and Prices

4.6 stars from 1 review

About the iHEAR TRēO

From iHEAR's literature:

The TReO is a Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) that enhances sounds from TV, nature, music, or conversation. The TReO features advanced, 100% digital technology to amplify sound, clarify speech, and suppress noise for an exceptional hearing experience. The TReO’s durable housing is designed to withstand your active lifestyle—it’s also water and sweat resistant! With the TReO, you can focus on what you want to hear conveniently and affordably.

Key Product Features:

  • 3-IN-1 HEARING AMPLIFIER that can 1) Amplify Sound 2) Clarify Speech 3) Suppress Noise
  • 100% digital sound processing with noise suppression and adaptive feedback cancellation
  • Great for enhancing distant conversations, TV, or music, or specific tasks like hunting or concerts
  • 4 pre-set sound profiles, each with adjustable volume
  • Batteries last up to 10 days, with a two-month supply included and 1-month supply of assorted ear tips for comfortable wear
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Ultra compact to fit discreetly behind the ear

1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
Online instructional videos & support from certified hearing experts