Britzgo BHA-220

Britzgo BHA-220 Amplifier

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About the Britzgo BHA-220

From the Britzgo website:

Our most popular model, the BHA-220 is the most affordable amplifier available and is a perfect entry level option.  Affordability, Reliability and with the longest warranty in the industry, it is no wonder that the BHA-220 is our best seller.


• Super Efficient Power Consumption
• 500+ hour Battery Life
• All Day comfort with this small, discreet device
• Easy one finger operation
• Active Digital Noise reduction
• Modern Stylish Design and Ready to wear

What’s in the Kit?

• Premium wireless Hearing Amplifier
• Compact carrying case
• 3 Different size ear tips for a good fit and comfort
• Two Long life batteries
• Cleaning brush
• Easy to read instructions

Lightweight and Comfortable, our hearing amplifiers are a great affordable option providing a clear sound boost when you need it the most.

Britzgo BHA-220 Model Details

Britzgo BHA-220
Britzgo BHA-220


Britzgo BHA-220

7 reviews

Release Date: 01 May 2016

The Britzgo BHA-220 has a dedicated volume control, a power switch, a push button (tone adjustment), and uses size 675 hearing aid batteries.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating:

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