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About the Britzgo BHA-220

From the Britzgo website:

Our most popular model, the BHA-220 is the most affordable amplifier available and is a perfect entry level option.  Affordability, Reliability and with the longest warranty in the industry, it is no wonder that the BHA-220 is our best seller.


• Super Efficient Power Consumption
• 500+ hour Battery Life
• All Day comfort with this small, discreet device
• Easy one finger operation
• Active Digital Noise reduction
• Modern Stylish Design and Ready to wear

What’s in the Kit?

• Premium wireless Hearing Amplifier
• Compact carrying case
• 3 Different size ear tips for a good fit and comfort
• Two Long life batteries
• Cleaning brush
• Easy to read instructions

Lightweight and Comfortable, our hearing amplifiers are a great affordable option providing a clear sound boost when you need it the most.

Britzgo BHA-220 Model Details

Britzgo BHA-220


Britzgo BHA-220

7 reviews

Release Date: 01 May 2016

The Britzgo BHA-220 has a dedicated volume control, a power switch, a push button (tone adjustment), and uses size 675 hearing aid batteries.

  • Telecoil:
  • Push Button:
  • IP Rating:

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Britzgo BHA-220 Physical Specifications

Britzgo BHA-220
Britzgo BHA-220

7 reviews

Disposable Batteries Battery Size
Power Switch
Push Button Push Button Options
  • Tone adjustment
Volume Control

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Britzgo BHA-220 Technology Details

Britzgo BHA-220
Price $57 per aid

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7 reviews

Noise Reduction

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Britzgo BHA-220 Reviews

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Member 23 January 2019

First hearing aids. Works fairly well, some noise and feedback. Unfortunately I have lost one of the pair. What is the next best model you have available? Price? Any recommendations for a free, or inexpensive, hearing profile. Since I'm not necessarily buying the local dealers aren't real anxious to provide a free test.

Member 14 December 2018

I've owned and used the Britzgo 220 bha for 3 years, It is dependable, offers 550 hours of battery life, allows me to enjoy life and costs very little. Unfortunately, after 3 years of constant use my amplifier died. Luckily I was just able to purchase 2 of them at Walmart for $59.00. So now I will always have a backup should I have any problems in the future.

Member 14 August 2018

I've tried all the Britzgo models. Every complaint was met with a replacement that was equally bad. Finally they upgraded me to the 902 which hurt my ears with ear piercing amplification of electronic sounds like the microwave or cell phone. Voices were still fuzzy. Your only choice is on or off, none of these hearing devices adjust to sudden surges in decibel level. My hearing is actually worse than before. I had to turn these things on and off all day long depending on where I was, but could not anticipate the sudden extremely loud ear piercing amplification of electronic devices, loud speakers, microwave or cell phones. Don't buy these unless you want months of frustration and pain.

Sage M
Sage M 29 October 2018

Having worn hearing aids since the age of 2 (am 64 yrs old now), the price of repairing, replacing, upgrading professional hearing aids has become so cost prohibitive I simply gave up. As a result, the scope of my world shrunk. When I discovered Britzgo BHA-220 I re-discovered the joy of living in a hearing world. I was able to easily adapt to the Britzgo BHA-220; they were much more comfortable than I initialy thought they'd be and the various controls were easy to learn. I've changed the style and thickness of glasses twice since using the Britzgo BHA-220 from a thin temple piece to a thick temple and haven't had a problem with how the hearing aids sit on /in my ears (wear hearing aids in both ears). My family (and neighbors LOL) are happy that my tv is back at a normal range. My husband and I are once again able to have private conversations. (keyword: private) The Britzgo BHA-220 bring me great satisfaction for much less than a fraction of what I paid for hearing aids from an audiologist. In this world of everything electronic, I call my Britzgo BHA-220, my "e-ears".

Member 15 December 2017
How easy is it to change the batteries? And, is it easy to find replacement batteries. My dad's old hearing aid stopped working, and I ordered him the BHA-220 as a replacement. He lives a long distance away, and I won't be able to help him with the install. I heard that the sound quality is good for the price, so that will be nice.
Professional Member
Professional Member 29 October 2018 Replied to Member

All batteries in our products can be found at your local pharmacy or department store with a medical area. also sells batteries.

As for the recharging, it can be done in 8 hours with the unit provided in the kit. ( charge can last up to 40 hours)

Creg G
Creg G 14 August 2018

Tremendous improvement. Excellent value! It is wonderful to hear all that I've been missing for so many years!

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Member 04 June 2017
terrific for the price...One must push them in to prevent the feedback squealing!!!
Sage M
Sage M 10 November 2017
Been happily HEARING for 6 mos now using Britzgo BHA-220 in both ears! My family (and neighbors LOL) are much relieved that my tv can be played at a normal range. My husband and I can enjoy private conversations again (keyword: private!). After wearing, losing, constantly paying for costly repairs, expensive replacements) high dollar digital prescription hearing aids from a Board Certified Audiologist, I gave up hope of ever being able to hear again given our limited budget. Along came Britzgo BHA-220 and I'm back to enjoying being part of the hearing world again. Thank You Ever So Much!
Member 18 September 2018
My husband really likes being able to hear the TV without blasting me out of the room.  Our only problem is we can't find the correct batteries (the originals were not even CLOSE to 500 hours).   Walmart is the only option we have, out here in the boonies of south Texas.  
Member 18 February 2019

I wonder if I need to change Wax Guards and what type should I use with 220S hearing aid

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