Hearna has302 hearing sound amplifier

HearNa HAS302 Hearing Sound Amplifier Behind The Ear Hearing Aid

  • Water
    Not Rated
  • Dust
    Not Rated
Disposable Batteries
Volume Control
Power Switch

HearNa HAS302 Hearing Sound Amplifier Product Information

Products description from Amazon website:

  • One button operation, which is easy to use. (One on-off button and one volume button. Easy for the old people to learn.)
  • High cost performance. With the same performance, the cost performance is higher. (Sound is good distortion is small. Easy operation with many shifts of tone tuning).
  • Light and handy appearance. Easy to carry. (Designed according to human ear canals, easy to adorn. Exquisite and small. Adorn firmly with sweat proof and anti-skidding surface materials.)
  • Various kinds of earplugs. Adorn comfortably. (Choose the suitable earplugs according to your ear canals.)
  • The wire tubes can be rotated 360 degree, which is more adaptable for both ears.

What's included:

  • 2  Ag13 battery
  • 3 Ear tips
  • Storage box
  • Manual book

HearNa HAS302 Hearing Sound Amplifier Purchase Options


Price: $37.74 each
Warranty: 1 year
Return Period: 30 days
In-Person Care:
Remote Care:

HearNa HAS302 Hearing Sound Amplifier Features

The HearNa HAS302 Hearing Sound Amplifier has disposable batteries, volume control, and power switch.

Hardware Features

Disposable Batteries

Battery Size: 13

Volume Control

Power Switch

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