Newear digital psap

NewEar Digital Modern High Power PSAP Behind The Ear Hearing Aid

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Disposable Batteries
Volume Control

NewEar Digital Modern High Power PSAP Product Information

Product description from Amazon website:

Know why NewEar Digital BTE amplifier is the ultimate choice. Best Quality Sound Amplification. NewEar brings the most advanced digital hearing amplifier for those who need high quality sound amplification. Whether you require a hearing aid or you desire to take hearing to another level then this is just the right choice for you. Remarkable Design. With full digital circuitry and digital volume control, this new BTE amplifier is much more convenient. It has a single off and on button for quick and easy use. Once you put on the amplifier, it will hold a perfect grip on your ear comfortably, with minimal chance of falling off. Stylish and sleek Construction. Our BTE amplifier is not only tiny in size but also virtually invisible as the half part of the unit is translucent. It's extremely light in weight, so no matter how long you put it on, it won't make you feel any sort of discomfort. NewEar micro BTE amplifier is made especially for the budget conscious buyers who are in need of an inexpensive yet superior quality hearing amplifier.

Product feature from Amazon website:

  • BEST SOUND AMPLIFIER: A pair of ear ITC from NewEar, which is the leader in protection and sound amplification that offers you precise sound amplification.
  • HIGH QUALITY AND CLASSY: Ours is a premium product which is made of top grade materials, designed by expert audiologist using highly advanced mini microprocessor technology. In addition, it's sleek and stylish.
  • EXTRA-SMALL AND DISCREET: This pair of Mini hearing amplifier is extremely small in size. No one will notice that you are wearing one as it fits perfectly in your ear canal.
  • HANDY AND LASTING: As this comes with fully digital circuitry and digital volume control, it's profoundly convenient. Also, the device is strong and durable due to its rugged construction.
  • IMPROVED BATTERY LIFE: Unlike other devices, our units consume very less power, hence increasing the battery life and reducing lifetime cost.

What's included:

  • Device
  • Cleaning brush
  • Ear tips- 2sizes
  • Zinc Air Battery A13 size- 1
  • Instruction manual

NewEar Digital Modern High Power PSAP Purchase Options


Price: $65.35 each
Warranty: Unknown
Return Period: 30 days
In-Person Care:
Remote Care:

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NewEAR Digital Hearing Enhancing Amplifier Aid

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NewEar Digital Modern High Power PSAP Features

The NewEar Digital Modern High Power PSAP has disposable batteries and volume control.

Hardware Features

Disposable Batteries

Battery Size: 13

Volume Control

NewEar Digital Modern High Power PSAP Average Ratings

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