nil Are all Starkey, Audibel, and NuEar hearing aids made in Mexico?

Are all Starkey, Audibel, and NuEar hearing aids made in Mexico?


20 September 2017 - 1.03K Views

Starkey is an American-owned and operated company. Please see this link for more information about this topic, as well as their other brands.

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Abram Bailey
Abram Bailey 29 September 2017
Peggy, I think the question is specifically asking where Starkey hearing aids are manufactured. I followed the link you posted, and saw the heading "American-made craftsmanship", but I don't know what this means, and didn't see anything further specified.
Margaret ("Peggy") Tomko
Margaret ("Peggy") Tomko 17 October 2017 Replied to Abram Bailey
Rats! You're right. I'm not sure how to find that information, then!


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