Are any hearing aid companies offering cyber monday deals?

Elise Gregoire

Professional Member

28 November 2016 - 1.3K Views

I would say it's relatively unusual for clinics to offer deals and the manufacturer of the devices cannot directly offer any deals as the devices cannot be legally sold online. However, some clinics do have Cyber Monday deals, including the clinic I work for in Berkeley, CA. Here's an example (our offer), but each clinic would be unique, if they have an offer at all. Hope this helps! 

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Keith Lam

Inventor, MBA-TM, BSET in Albuquerque

28 November 2016 - 1.27K Views

It seems like you are in need of some hearing help.  I have not seen any Cyber Monday sales on hearing aids during my years as a Hearing Aid Specialist.  But please do remember that a low cost hearing aid may not suit your social lifestyles so the best way is to go see trusted specialist, i.e. ENT, AuD or Hearing Aid Specialist to determine what you need.  Do not buy a set just because of their cost, you may regret later that they do not work for you in most situation.  I hope this helps.

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Neil Fine, MClSc

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Ottawa

28 November 2016 - 1.29K Views

I have never seen a cyber monday deal but usually clinics always have a deal going on on a specific model or manufacturer. My clinic is very flexible on pricing, especially if you are from out of town and will have it serviced elsewhere. 

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Jennifer A
Jennifer A 29 November 2016
I appreciate your clinic working to help patients at a reduced cost. With folks from out of town, what our clinic will do is arrange care with a clinic where they reside, so we are sure they will be properly taken care of, and clarify if the patient will be paying the clinic for their services or if they are covered in the initial purchase price. We have found not all clinics are happy to service hearing aids that were purchased somewhere else, and we want to avoid the patient being 'caught in the middle". I don't really know if that is common practice elsewhere, but if anyone is buying in an area they don't reside in, they should attempt to get that clarified before purchase.
Neil F
Neil F 29 November 2016 Replied to Jennifer A
I am giving a biased opinion but I feel the service you get is just as important as the hearing aid(s)itself. In terms getting it set up and ensuring the hearing aid is functioning optimally is so important. Also, when a problem occurs, that it can be rectified quickly. Totally agree with you Jennifer.

C. Scott Mills, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Clemmons

28 November 2016 - 1.3K Views

I'm not familiar with any manufacturer that offers Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals but it's really up to the local office to create a special offer. This would be akin to your dentist, optometrist, or even accountant to offer a special pricing - not something you see too often.  

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Andrew Puttick, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Pittsfield

28 November 2016 - 1.27K Views

There is one manufacturer currently advertising Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals to the clinics that dispense their products but those deals don't always get passed down to the consumer.  As someone previously stated, hearing aids legally cannot be sold on-line and Cyber Monday is an on-line retail promo.  

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Abram Bailey, AuD
Abram Bailey, AuD 28 November 2016
Andrew, I have seen some manufacturers offer rebates on hearing aid purchases. I am assuming this is how it could be done legally? Google "hearing aid rebates."


Matthew P
Matthew P 29 November 2016
I spoke with one of the large National firms & was told they weren't doing any offers. Unitron approached the company I work for with a Black Friday Offer which we gratefully accepted. As you are probably aware it can take a couple of days to get CRT aids so that turned into our Cyber Monday offer. I spoke with a company called Regain Hearing in South London & they were also doing a Cyber Monday Special on the same brand. As was alluded to earlier the dispensing company isn't forced to pass on the discount but we were both happy to pass on this additional saving. I hope this helps.
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