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Are Starkey any hearing aids any good, and are they considered on the cutting edge? I notice they don't have remote tuning and isn't Halo an older model?

David Richardson, AuD


09 April 2018 - 2.34K Views

It is my professional opinion that Starkey consistently produces high quality and innovative hearing instrument technologies. As far as the Halo model hearing device, they now are on the 3rd generation of the technology. The latest model is referred to as the Halo iQ (there was a Halo2 before this model). I do not have personal experience fitting this particular model. Per Starkey:

“ With constant innovation and continuous technological advancements in our world, more patients demand connected and convenient devices that improve their hearing, overall health and their lives. Built on our proven Synergy platform with Acuity OS 2, Halo iQ helps patients engage in life in a more personal way with immersive experiences, enhanced sound quality, reliable technology and improved patient satisfaction.”

As far as its lack of “remote tuning”, this is not a feature that would sway me for or against a device. The only times I utilize remote programming for a patient is on rare occasions that my patient is in a nursing home and cannot be seen easily in my office for an adjustment, Or when a patient lives in a rural area making in difficult for them to be seen in my office. When I fit/program hearing aids I always utilize Real Ear measurements to determine how the hearing device is actually performing in my patients’ ear. Without having the patients physically in my office I cannot place the necessary probe microphones in and around the patients’ ear to perform these measurements to insure appropriate fit and outputs of the hearing instruments. You could have the best hearing instrument in the world, but if it is not fit and programmed correctly to your individual hearing loss and ear acoustics, it doesn’t work well.

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Terry Sokalofsky, MSc


07 April 2018 - 2.42K Views

I work with all the main hearing aid manufacturers and can say that Starkey is right up there with with the rest of them in terms of technology and audiological support and research. Halo has been updated a few times over the past few years so the original halo hearing aids would be considered older technology. However, the current Halo iQ hearing aids are not considered to be old technology. As long as your Audiologist is competent and comfortable with Starkey hearing aids. The Audiologist you see is the most important part of the hearing aid fitting and rehabilitation process. 

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Monica Barnes, AuD

Hearing Healthcare Provider

07 April 2018 - 2.44K Views

I've worked with all main manufacturers and I can tell you that Starkey hearing aids are wonderful. Not only are the hearing aids wonderful, the company has unmatched customer service (so I, as the provider, gets fast and great assistance for all of my patient's with their hearing aids). They are considered cutting edge- they offer everything that any other manufacturer offers and have remote tuning through T2 (which can be enabled by your audiologist). Halo (direct to iPhone) hearing aids came out roughly 4 years ago- since, they have changed the model of the Halo devices and have significantly updated the processing and platform within the device. The latest Halo hearing aids are called Halo iQ (which come in 3 technology levels- standard, advanced and premium). Thanks!

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Sheri Gostomelsky, AuD

Doctor of Audiology

08 April 2018 - 2.38K Views

All of the major manufacturers have cutting edge technology.  Halo is the original name for Starkey's made for iPhone product.  There have since been updated versions of Halo introduced to the marketplace. Be assured that today's Halo has all of the latest technology.  Unless you are in an area where hearing care services are scarce,  I would not focus on remote programming.  Remote programming is amazing, however,  there  are restrictions both programming-wise and legally for the provider. As a side note, Starkey is American owned and operated.  As a company, their customer service is impeccable and their products are built to last.

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