nil Are there any differences between the Resound hearing aids sold at Costco and other Resound hearing aids?

Are there any differences between the Resound hearing aids sold at Costco and other Resound hearing aids?

Hearing Healthcare Provider in New Braunfels

15 October 2016 - 19.8K Views

Based on a visual comparison, the ReSound Cala is the same as ReSound LiNX2. Unfortunately, ReSound doesn't allow independent providers access to the technical specifications of their Costco line of hearing aids. In fact, Costco purchased hearing aids are software "locked" and can only be adjusted at Costco hearing aid locations. Typically, Costco hearing aids are a hyrbid level of technology (between low-to-mid or mid-to-high) and at least one generatation behind the latest technology. I am not sure if this is currently the case with ReSound. 

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Audiologist in Salem

17 October 2016 - 19.8K Views

The ReSound Cala is essentially the same as the ReSound Linx2-9 product, with the exception of the absence of the tinnitus management feature.  Costco generally gets its products from the manufacturers about 12-18 months later than independent offices do (i.e. they are older products).  ReSound will likely release a new product within the next six months for regular accounts that Costco would have access to some time in 2018.  Regarding the tinnitus management feature, Costco specifies to the manufacturers that they do not want tinnitus features in their products since tinnitus patients require significantly higher levels of service than traditional patients with hearing loss alone.

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Audiologist in Tulsa

16 October 2016 - 19.8K Views

i recently had a patient come to my office.  She had been given a set of ReSound hearing aids from a friend whose family member had purchased the aids and then passed away.  they were clearly resound aids but i could NOT read them at all - wirelessly or hardwired.  She called her out of state relative to find out where the aids were purchased and they had been bought at Costco.

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Hearing Healthcare Provider

19 October 2016 - 19.8K Views

As a side note, Costco is going to stop carrying ReSound hearing aids soon and go to all Rexton (Sivantos) per this article.

So you might want to ask and make sure they will continue to service the ReSound hearing aids for many years to come.

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Member 07 February 2017
That is for its Kirkland Signature-branded hearing aids. It says nothing about the ReSound Cala brand.
Member 30 April 2017 Replied to Member
Correct. I just purchased Resound Cala 8 hearing aids from Costco. They are my first pair ever and so far so good!
Melinda S.
Melinda S. 18 December 2018
This did not happen. It's almost 2019 and Costco is still selling ReSounds to many satisfied customers, like myself. I am a huge fan of these aids as sold by Costco for fully half the price you would pay on main street. Costco hearing instrument specialists are well-trained, don't work on commission, stay with the firm for years, are helpful, and knowledgeable. I will buy Costco ReSounds again when the warranty on my current set expires.

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17 October 2016 - 19.8K Views

There are differences, Resound has maintained a “policy” of keeping their offerings to Costco one generation behind what is currently available.

There are obvious other differences between the patient care and experience but I hope this helps answer your question!

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Chris Harmon
Chris Harmon 13 May 2017
I am in a similar position here. Have you found a way around the Costco software block?
Member 19 July 2017 Replied to Chris Harmon
I am in the same situation. Tried the Costco version and they are very good but need the extra software. The cost is excessive through a regular audiologist
Member 23 July 2017 Replied to Member
What do you mean by "they need the extra software"? What extra software?
Member 28 April 2018
I was told that Costco only sells resound Forte
Member 28 April 2018
They still sell Resound,but it's only the Forte I was told.
Member 24 June 2018
The Tinnitus Feature on the Resound 3D is missing on the Resound Forte. None of Costco Hearing aids have a direct Tinnitus feature. You cannot be adjusted online like some 3D users with the Forte. You have to go to the Costco hearing center for that. The difference is not worth paying 2000 or more for a set of 3Ds versus the Forte. There is however a separate app for your cell that works with your Forte Hearing aids to help alleviate some Tinnitus problems. It is not true that hearing aids show up 12 to 18 months at Costco after they are introduced. When the Resound 3D was released the Resound Forte was at Costco within 3 months. This goes for the Phonak and Bernafon as well.
Member 30 June 2018 Replied to Member
In your opinion would you say that the Forte is comparable to the 3D except for the tinnitus feature?
Member 30 June 2018
The Costco Resound Forte is so much less expensive than the Resound Linx2 which are only purchased from a hearing aid store. I was wondering if the Forte is as good a quality as the Linx2. I understand the Forte doesn't have the tinnitus feature, but for me that is fine as I don't need that feature. However, I do want a premium quality hearing aid. I would appreciate any thoughts regarding this. Thank you.
Member 03 March 2019
I have had Resound aids from Costco for 1 1/2 years. In the beginning they were good but now it is almost impossible to carry on a conversation with someone or hear the tv. The voices are high pitched. I have been back for adjustments but the "hearing dispensers" were always in a hurry and never made any improvements. The plus is the bluetooth connection that helps with phone conversations. I will be shopping for new aids later this year.
Member 14 April 2019 Replied to Member
Your ReSound hearing aids that you've had for only a year and a half from Costco have a 3-year warranty. Have them sent back to ReSound and generally what ReSound does is return a Brand New Pair to you at no cost.
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