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Are there any hearing aids that can stream audio directly from a Macbook Pro laptop?

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Auckland

04 August 2017 - 5.96K Views

Direct streaming, without the use of a streamer, not at this stage. Hopefully soon. Lisa G

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Megan Carter

Professional Member

04 August 2017 - 5.99K Views

Unfortunately, at this time direct streaming is only available on iOS devices, as Maggie said above. iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. However, technology is always changing and improving and I wouldn't doubt if direct streaming to other devices is on the horizon. If your laptop has bluetooth, you can use an intermediary device (all hearing aid manufacturers have some sort of wireless streamer) to connect your hearing aids to your laptop. 

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Maggie Robertson, AuD


04 August 2017 - 5.99K Views

Yes, but you would need an accessory bluetooth device in addition to the hearing aids such as Phonak's ComPilot II or Oticon's Streamer Pro. The accessories come with a cable, which you could plug one end into the accessory and the other end into the MacBook's headphone jack. You would not need an additional accessory if you were trying to stream directly with the iOS platform that runs iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices.

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Professional Member

Professional Member

04 August 2017 - 5.98K Views

Starkey has wireless hearing aids that can either be paired directly to an Apple device or be paired with the streamer, and then the streamer can be paired with external devices. When it’s all set up, the streamer will pick up the Bluetooth signal from your phone, for example, and send it to your hearing aid via an FM signal or electromagnetic field, depending on the manufacturer’s design. Usually the streamer is worn around the neck or placed in a pocket for hands-free operation. 

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