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Are there any rechargeable hearing aids that fit right in the ear?

Steve Eagon

Professional Member

17 July 2017 - 4.54K Views

While there are numerous options for re-chargeable behind-the-ear hearing aids today, there is one option to consider if you are looking for a discreet in-the-canal solution. Eargo Plus is a hearing aid sold through its website. It is designed for people who have mild-to-moderate high frequency hearing loss and includes full support from a team of licensed hearing professionals who provide guidance by phone or video conference. If you have a hearing test, you can scan and email it for review.

Eargo Plus comes with a small charging pod that charges both hearing devices. Once fully charged, you can wear the hearing aids approximately 16 hours a day. Please spend time on the website for more information. In order to answer the question, and in the nature of full disclosure, I work for Eargo as their Head of Sales and am an audiologist. 

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Adam Wentling

Hearing Healthcare Provider

18 July 2017 - 4.51K Views

Persona Medical makes a rechargeable In-The-Ear hearing aid.  Good solid hearing aid with the convenience of rechargability.   It's a contactless charge, meaning the Hearing Aids just need to be turned off (either by Volume Control knob, or optional toggle switch) and placed on the top of the charging tray (nothing to plug in, or metal contacts to touch).  A red light illuminates from within the hearing aid when charging.  An 8 hour charge will get you about 15 hours of run-time. 

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Audiologist in West Hampstead

18 July 2017 - 4.51K Views

For any UK based patients the answer is currently no. 

Unitron currently make the smallest rechargeable RIC (receiver in the canal aid, so a behind the ear device). It is pretty discrete, so when combined a hair matching colour (if applicable)! Also matching with Vanish Hide your hearing aids receiver wire technology can further disguise the fact you are wearing an aid!

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Jeffrey Cline, BC-HIS


23 July 2017 - 4.5K Views

Right now there are plenty behind the ear rechargeable instruments and there has been a few in the ear instruments the last few years. Right now everyone is working on rechargeable so I believe in short time you will see devices that are in the ear and rechargeable. Starkey hearing is already custom making Bragi which is a in the ear rechargeable listen device using bluetooth.

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Professional Member

Professional Member

17 July 2017 - 4.54K Views

All major hearing aid manufactures feature rechargeable hearing aids. However, currently they are all behind the ear hearing aids and not custom. 

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Melissa Wikoff, AuD

Doctor of Audiology

17 July 2017 - 4.55K Views

Currently, there are no custom rechargeable devices. If you would like to recharge your hearing aid batteries, you will need a behind-the-ear style device. There are many small and discreet options available!

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