Are there any TV hearing devices that can help amplify the sound from my television?

Matthew Pearson

Audiologist in Greater London

28 August 2017 - 1.14K Views

I would suggest if it was audiologicaly appropriate then the Hypersound Audio 500P system would be a great option as it can transmit a super directed beam of sound based on the hearing impaired individual's hearing loss to them meaning they & the other family members can set the volume of the TV to a level where everyone is happy but also able to hear clearly.

The individual with the hearing loss has their hearing evaluated then the details fed into the Hypersound equipment so it is precisely tailored to the hearing loss.

Another option is if the person with the hearing loss is listening with hearing aids but still struggling then a TV streamer could represent a good option. The shortcomings of modern TV speakers are bypassed & the sound is transmitted directly to the aid wearer. I have had many positive statements about Oticon's TV Adapter due to the sound quality, range you can move from the TV & still receive the sound & the fact no neck worn devices are required, but many manufacturers offer TV Streamers do this would also be an option to consider/try.

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Jeffrey Cline

Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist in Hickory

29 August 2017 - 1.12K Views

This is simple to answer, our patients love any of the Starkey Muse (wireless instruments) products alone with the Surflink media device. This streams television wirelessly from the  the television to the hearing instruments. This is automatically done with no effort. This system is flawless and works every single time. The sound is high definition and could not be better. 

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Keith Lam

Inventor, MBA-TM, BSET in Albuquerque

29 August 2017 - 1.12K Views

If the person turns the TV up too loud, she surely is having hearing issues.  In this case, a visit to a hearing care provider would be very appropriate.  There are bluetooth compatible hearing aids that can stream the tv sound directly to the hearing aids so the rest of the family can enjoy tv at their normal hearing levels.  Wireless headset can also be used for the person with hearing problems, but that would prevent any conversations during watching tv.  

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Sheri Gostomelsky, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Deerfield

28 August 2017 - 1.14K Views

The previous answer offered some good solutions but there are also wireless headsets that can solve your dilemma.  These come at all costs. Some headsets fit over the head while others rest under the chin or around the back of the head.  It is important to be comfortable. One of our favorite manufacturer's is Sennheiser.  There are many affordable systems to choose from. 

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Member 28 August 2017
My husband is currently experiencing serious middle ear infections which are compounding his existing sensorimotor loss. Not wearing aids yet but it's on the horizon. How he copes without amazes me, but he does need a interim solution for basic tv watching. I'll look up these options.
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