Are TruHearing Flyte hearing aids as good as normal hearing aids? Do I lose anything by going with TruHearing?

Mark Butler, AAS

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Sparks

21 December 2017 - 14.7K Views

The Flyte hearing aids are actually produced by Resound.  The hearing aids themselves are good quality aids but not necessarily the best choice depending on your hearing loss and lifestyle.  TruHearing is a 3rd-Party hearing aid provider who basically wholesales hearing aids direct to the public.  They contract with a local hearing aid provider to do the testing, fitting, and two follow-up visits.  After that you are on your own and you have to find someone willing to provide additional follow-up care as needed.  Hearing aids need regular cleaning and occasional adjustments especially if your hearing changes over time.  You should have your hearing retested at least once a year.  All those extra visits are not included and it can be difficult to find a provider who will work on hearing aids that they did not sell themselves.  Our offices do contract with TruHearing but we also offer an optional package where you can purchase a lifetime service contract.  We provide the same high level of service (for the life of the hearing aid) as if you had purchased them from us.  A good hearing aid provider should discuss options with you once you have been tested.  TruHearing also offers many other models at very low prices that might be a better fit for your situation.

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Member 03 November 2018
I have used hearing aids for 19 years. With Florida Blue I can get TruHearing aids as cheep as $999. I paid more and got the better aids for around $1300. I have gone threw everything you wrote. No one thats any good wants to see these on their property so I'm stuck with people that are new to working on aids and people that are so bad that no one else will go to their office. There was a guy that said "you get what you pay for".    With over the counter hearing aids coming out the price of aids may come down but with my hearing loss I know OTC aids are not for me.   Bob Moyer

Juliëtte Sterkens, AuD

Audiologist in Oshkosh

21 December 2017 - 14.6K Views

Be sure to ask if the Flyte instruments include a telecoil. Ask the provider to program the Flyte instruments, verify the settings via Real-Ear testing, program the telecoils and teach you how to use this feature.  It is very possible that adjustment of the telecoils can be handled via the app. 

 If you have more than just a mild hearing loss, telecoils are priceless in venues that offer hearing loops. Hearing loops broadcast the audio from a stage, TV, microphone at a podium, on the dashboard of a London Taxi wirelessly to the telecoil found in most hearing aids meant for moderate hearing loss and up. Users rave that they finally can understand speech over distance, in public venues, in reverberant houses of worship or noisy locations - listen to this example in the NYC subway:

Granted, hearing loops are not available everywhere, they are more common in Europe, but the good news is that they are appearing in more and more places in the US thanks to word of mouth of users and hearing loop advocates. or visit or 

The ADA (the Americans with Disabilities Act) specifies that 25% of the assistive listening system devices offered around the USA shall be directly hearing aid compatible (meaning that if the system is not a hearing loop, they must come with neckloops) - so if you travel, attend public events and the theater having a telecoil is important.   

For more information visit: 

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Member 23 June 2018
The ADA is dead, or on life support; is it not?

Sheri Gostomelsky, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Deerfield

22 December 2017 - 14.6K Views

Flyte hearing aids are normal hearing aids.  They are made for TruHearing.  If the device meets your needs, is fit appropriately (using real ear and or speech mapping), and maintained properly, you should do just fine!   A successful hearing aid wearer comes from finding the right provider who understands your needs, selecting the right product, having it fit properly and following up with regular ear exams and hearing aid maintenance.   

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Adam Wojnowski, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Amherst

21 December 2017 - 14.7K Views

They sure are.  If you're dealing with a competent hearing aid dispenser or audiologist, you're not losing out on a thing... but you might gain a trip to the Caribbean with the $3k saved.

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Member 23 June 2018
Please tell me more about the Caribbean option. You can do so privately if you'd like. Let me know; I'll find your practice and communicate.

Charles Darby PhD, MA, BC-HIS, BC-HIS

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Little Rock

21 December 2017 - 14.7K Views

I'm actually quite impressed with the Flyte units.  After fitting several of these, my patients have raved about the sound quality and great price.  They are manufactured by a leading hearing aid company and although lacking some of the more advanced features of the better known aids, the sound quality is equal to the top tier products.  You should not be at all concerned about the quality.  

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Member 13 March 2018
What is best for "cookie bite" hearing loss?
Member 23 June 2018
What are they better known hearing aid companies please. You know good service is not easy to find. I am an online English teacher these days, specifically since the nuances of speech were closing for me. I need the right hearing aid to open them up. My insurance offers Flyte, but idk if they are right!
Member 11 July 2018
"Are TruHearing Flyte hearing aids as good as normal hearing aids? Do I lose anything by going with TruHearing?" Seems to me that the question should be, are other hearing aids as good as TruHearing Flyte.
Member 31 July 2018
i went to Costco for hearing test today and need 2 hearing aids. They offer Phonak Brio 3 for $1250 each. Free monthly cleaning, 3yr warranty, 180 day trial, 1 time replacement, unlimited visits. My health insurance will Charge me thru True hearing $699 each for Flyte 770. 3yr warranty, 45 day trial and 1 time loss. That's it. No cleaning or other visits. I cant seem to find which is better as neither are on top 20 selling list. Is it worth the 50% savings on the True hearing with no one to ever clean them because if not purchased by a local dealer they wont clean according to 50 reviews i read. Argh... any advice??
Member 08 December 2018 Replied to Member
I had a set of kirkland aids and they worked well. I think the phonak would be an upgrade from there. I made the mistake of getting tru hearing flyte 700 and they are terrible. A waste of nearly 1500 bucks whenall the fees are totaled.
Member 17 September 2018
I had a pair of Costcos brand and loved them. I lost one and decided since the nearest costco is 125 miles away to try the Flyte 700. Big mistake, so far have been back for one adjustment to clear up background speech and a terrible feedback problem. Not at all better but will try one more time. If this had been my first set of aids I would return them and never try another pair. I will contact tru hearing about it and hope for the best. Btw 45 days is not enough of a free trial to test an aid.
Member 13 December 2018
I purchased  $4000  tru hearing hearing aides a few years ago.   The aids were of poor quality, continually intermittent , with intermittent whistling and I never could get a good fit.  Do not waste your money.
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