Does barometric pressure affect hearing?

Natalie Phillips, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Fort Collins

24 April 2016 - 3.02K Views

You may experience some brief hearing loss and pressure in the ear with the change in atmospheric pressure, however, hearing may be affected permanently if there was damage to the ear due to barometric pressure changes. Cilck here is some further information.

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Member 12 August 2018
Hi Natalie Had my CI implant March 12th. On my 2nd visit after having it turned on the Audiologist, while testing for residual hearing, blasted my ear so hard it vibrated the whole side of my head. Since then I hear very loud tones when I change altitude like driving thru mountains. The noise persists even when the CI unit is off my ear! Sounds like an air raid siren or something. This was not the case before she "blasted" me. Will this correct over time or should I visit the Dr again to try to get it fixed? I really dont want to operate again unless there is no other way. Thank you Bud
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