Does Oticon Opn work with Android phones?

Kimberly Eskritt, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Sarnia

08 May 2017 - 9.3K Views

The current answer is "No" - at least not in the way they are meant to work.  You can't stream audio or answer cell phone calls.  However, you can access the remote app function.  Apparently, this is an Android issue, in that the Android devices are not yet able to access the version of Bluetooth technology used by the Opn devices and Apple iPhones.

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Matthew Pearson

Audiologist in Greater London

08 May 2017 - 9.32K Views

Currently, the answer is yes and no!

Using the On app the Opn's can be turned up and down and any additional programs which have been set up for the hearing aids will be accessible.

If the programs have been renamed in the programming software that is how they will appear in the app.

The Opn's are a Made For iPhone (MFI) aid.

iPhone's can use the special low energy version of Bluetooth but Android phones currently can't.

The bridging device that will allow streaming of calls and music has been coming soon for a while!

The latest I heard today was the end of the year.

In my opinion, this is currently the best device on the market.

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Samantha G
Samantha G 15 December 2017
Unfortunately this makes my single hearing aid unusable, as they cost 2000 dollars and my insurance plan only allows one every three years. Get this damn app fixed. You need to stop prioritizing apple and make the app cross compatible. My friend who uses the Iphone 8 connected me no problem through her phone, but my one year old Google Pixel Cant. This is ridiculous, contact the android development team and get them to add this functionality in.
Matthew P
Matthew P 15 December 2017 Replied to Samantha G
If paired to the Connect Clip you will be able to: Use the Connect Clip as a remote control. Take calls through your aids. Even if your phone is in your bag or another room. Stream video calls, music etc through your aid. Stream from other devices ie a Bluetooth equipped laptop/tablet. Use the Connect Clip as a remote mic ie for hearing more clearly in a bar or busy restaurant or if the speaker is a distance away ie a lecturer (up to 20 meters). I hope this helps. Please check my Connect Clip video on YouTube for further info
Matthew P
Matthew P 15 December 2017 Replied to Samantha G
As per my previous post the issue is not the App.

Clifford Olson, AuD

Audiologist in Phoenix

08 May 2017 - 9.35K Views

Yes it does.  However, only as a remote control.  It will not stream music or phone calls yet.

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Abram Bailey, AuD
Abram Bailey, AuD 23 August 2018
With the recent news about Android getting streaming support for hearing aids, I wonder if Oticon will be able to update the Opn app / hearing aid firmware to enable streaming.

Unknown author

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08 May 2017 - 9.34K Views

I agree it works as a remote now.  My understanding is a Bluetooth adaptor will be available in the fall - but I don't know when. 

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Unknown author

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08 May 2017 - 9.33K Views


Consumer Member
Consumer Member 08 October 2017
I heard calls from my next door neighbor ordering pizza. I was hungry so it worked out
Consumer Member
Consumer Member 11 November 2017
I bought a Motorola Droid Turbo in 2015. All software updates applied. I just bought an Opticon Opn 1 miniRITE (right ear only). Trying to use Oticon ON. Either the hearing aid won't connect at all or almost immediately disconnects. Any available solutions?
Consumer Member
Consumer Member 23 November 2017 Replied to Consumer Member
I am testing out the opn 1 aids. Initially, I couldn't get them to pair on Samsung Galaxy 5. What finally worked was: press the menu icon, press the choice that looks like ..., scroll to the bottom of the menu choices that will appear and select "reset app". Once I did this both aids paired and have paired everytime since. It may be because I am demo the iads, but really the only thing the app does is change the volume, which you can do with the button on the aid itself. Hope that helps.
Consumer Member
Consumer Member 27 November 2017
My hearing aid dispenser told me this week that an Opn firmware update is due around first or second week of December (in Britain anyway). Whether this will accelerate Android full connectivity is another question, but he thinks not and that Oticon will be bringing out a streamer/ pendant device around same time.
Consumer Member
Consumer Member 11 December 2017 Replied to Consumer Member
Last week my audiologist did the Opn firmware update and the app not only cannot pair with the hearing aids it turned them off. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6. She eventually got the hearing aids going again but no app to use. So today I am told this is Samsungs fault and Samsung will be doing an update on the 13th. Well I got a message from Samsung that there was a new update ready so I did it today (11th) and tried the app again. Same thing has happened and I am left with no working hearing aids until my audiologist is available. As I am on week three of trialling these hearing aids I think I will be returning them. It's no good if Oticon are going to update hearing aid firmware without testing them on android phones for compatibility first.
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