Does Resound LiNX 3D work with the Resound Relief tinnitus app?

Matthew Pearson

Audiologist in Greater London

09 May 2017 - 1.47K Views

The LiNX 3D range features Tinnitus Sound Generator with nature sounds.

The tinnitus feature is activated in the Resound Smart 3D app which is the latest version.

You click the sound enhancer feature then hit the tinnitus manager button. You can then shape the response of the white noise to help mask your tinnitus & save this particular setting.

If you desire you could have this mode activated when the aid detects it is in a particular location is the library.

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Professional Member

Professional Member

24 July 2017 - 1.4K Views

Anyone with tinnitus can benefit from the ReSound Relief app as part of a tinnitus management program. It offers a combination of sound therapy and relaxing exercises that aim to distract you from focusing on your tinnitus. 

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Margaret ("Peggy") T
Margaret ("Peggy") T 15 September 2017
I believe you should be able to stream the ReSound Relief tinnitus app audio via Bluetooth into the LiNX 3D hearing aids if you have a compatible iPhone/iPad/iPod (or a compatible Android and Resound Unite Phone Clip+). As Mr. Pearson said, there is also the option to activate the on-board Tinnitus Sound Generator in the hearing aids.
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