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How is artificial intelligence technology used in the Starkey Livio AI?

John Coverstone, AuD

Board Certified in Audiology

26 September 2018 - 1.14K Views

Currently, the Livio is functioning as a hearable fitness device. It keeps track of the activity of the wearer while they are moving around and it keeps track of how frequently the wearer uses the hearing aids (linking better hearing to improved cognitive functions), as well as the listening environments of the wearer (how frequently they are in social settings, for example). It gives you a Body (activity) Score, a Brain Score and a combined score called the Thrive Score. Data from the hearing aid is synchronized with the Thrive app on the wearer's cell phone, where processing and scoring happens.

I spoke last Spring with representatives from Starkey, who talking about the release of the Livio and also gave us a glimpse of the future. They are currently researching various biometric functions to see what we can reliably track in the ear. These may include pulse, temperature, blood oxygen levels, and who knows what else? In the future, devices such as these may be fit in cooperation with your physician to provide biometric monitoring and data synchronization to a portal accessed by your physician to check your health. This could be extremely useful for patients with new medications and certain conditions which would benefit from real-time monitoring.

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