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I am hearing a spring sound in my ear. What could it mean?

Amit Gosalia, AuD


21 July 2020 - 13.2K Views

(Note: This advice is for information only, and you should see an audiologist, otolaryngologist and/or your primary physician for appropriate care)

There are various reasons you could get a spring/springy sound in your ear(s). However, first it's important to know WHEN you are getting it. If you notice it when you are moving around, it is possible there is fluid/debris near your eardrum (tympanic membrane/TM). I've seen patients who have let water into their ears (which is okay to do as long as it's warm to the touch), but the water penetrates one of the layers of the TM. When they would walk, they'd get a spring or rubber ball bounce type sound in that ear. 

If the rate of the spring is with your pulse, it could be considered pulsatile tinnitus. 

I'd contact an audiologist to triage the situation, and if otolaryngology is needed, they'll make the recommendation. 

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Daniel Pearce

Hearing Healthcare Provider

21 July 2020 - 13.2K Views

The sound could be a form of Tinnitus (noises in the ear usually from an unknown source). Some people describe the sound as ringing, chirping, grinding and other various sounds. It could be something minor or something serious. I might advise making an appointment with a local ENT to have them do some tests.

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