I'm suffering from tinnitus and hearing loss of maybe 10-20%. Would the Oticon Nera2 would help me?

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Margaret ("Peggy") Tomko, AuD

Audiologist in Newport News

05 December 2017 - 62 Views

You may wish to choose a hearing aid that has a tinnitus sound generator feature that comes standard in the device (such as the Oticon Opn, if  you want to stick with the Oticon brand).  Tinnitus sound generators provide a background noise (such as soft static or ocean waves) to provide a distraction to your brain so you do not focus as much on the sound of your tinnitus. Check out this link to learn more about the tinnitus features in the Oticon Opn.

Some people find relief from simply wearing a hearing aid even without a sound generator, because the hearing aid gives you more access to ambient sounds which may distract your brain and make the tinnitus less noticeable.

I like to suggest hearing aid technology that has on-board tinnitus solutions for my patients; they may end up not needing it, but it's great to have the option.

Plenty of other manufacturers have tinnitus masking sounds that come standard as well, both in new and older technology. Check out StarkeyWidexSignia (Siemens)Phonak, and ReSound. Many of these manufacturers have had tinnitus management sounds standard in hearing aids for years.

Also consider free tinnitus relief apps for smartphones and tablets: ReSound Relief, Widex Zen, Oticon Tinnitus Sound, and Starkey Relax.

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Raji 3

Raji Parangad, MAud

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Wellington Point

29 October 2016 - 338 Views

It is a good device. A hearing aid will not only improve your hearing acquity but will also have the added benefit of masking the tinnitus noise giving yu some relief from the symptom of tinnius.


Raji Parangad

'My Audiologist"

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