Is Phonak Audeo B a significant upgrade to Audeo V?

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Raji Parangad, MAud

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Wellington Point

29 October 2016 - 1885 Views

Audeo B has faster processing time and teh main difference would be the introduction of rechargable hearing aids in certain models. 

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At this point besides the new features that are with the new Belong platform vs the Venture platform from Phonak, our patients do see a difference in the performance. What is also interesting we are noticing from our patients the increase of daily wear time with patients moving from the Venture series to the Belong series. Their new AutoSense OS does at times switch very fast but that can be adjusted per patient on follow up visits with the provider and verified with data logging analysis. Their new soundrecover2 offered in the new platform works well. The fact that the Belong platform has a better IP rating of 68 and the fact that there is a rechargeable option offered in this platform does make it easier for patients to wear more. To answer your question.....I believe it is a good option for our patients, and anything to have our patients hear better, to make it easier and more enjoyable to wear in changing enviroments is worth the investment.

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Is the Audeo Q a different hearing aid

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