Is the Oticon Opn hearing aid available with a telecoil option?

Abram Bailey

Professional Member

11 April 2017 - 4.79K Views

Oticon just announced two new upcoming (June 2017) form factors with telecoil support: miniRITE-T and BTE13 PP. Here's a breakdown of what to expect. 

  • The new miniRITE-T model will be similar to the existing Oticon Opn miniRITE, with a slim body that sits behind the ear and a speaker (on the end of a thin wire) that sits inside your ear canal. The hearing aid will be slightly larger to accommodate the telecoil hardware, and will also feature a "double pushbutton for easy volume and program control." The previous miniRITE had a single push button.
  • The BTE13 PP is a powerful behind-the-ear model that uses a traditional sound tube and custom earmold to deliver sound to the ear. The BTE13 PP is similar to the BTE13 models seen in other Oticon families (like the Alta 2 BTE13), but adds "a two-color LED indicator to monitor hearing aid status"

Both the miniRITE-T and BTE13 PP include "Tinnitus SoundSupport, Speech Rescue LX, DSL, and TwinLink™ with 2.4GHz wireless technology for direct streaming to iPhone® and audio devices," according to the release.

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Melinda S
Melinda S 23 November 2018
Does anyone know if telecoils can be added to an Oticon system that lacks them and is less than two years old?

Matthew Pearson

Audiologist in Greater London

11 April 2017 - 4.8K Views

In the UK it is available to order from the end of May 2017 & will be shipped from early June 2017.

There is also a firmware upgrade in the UK giving "speech rescue" frequency lowering, a dedicated music program, a speech in noise program, a comfort program, an auditorium mic program, tinnitus support including red noise & DSL v 5 fitting formula.

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Stephanie Long

Professional Member

11 April 2017 - 4.8K Views

I agree with the other answers.  The T-coil is coming soon.  If you can wait, I would wait to have the T-coil version.  If you can't wait ask your provider if they will exchange, at no cost to you, when the T-coil version is available.  We were able to do that for a patient. 

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Member 02 May 2017
How long had your client had the ones with no telecoil. I have had mine for under a year just wondered if I could get them swapped here in the uk. Thanks

Kimberly Eskritt, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Sarnia

11 April 2017 - 4.81K Views

The current miniRITE version of the Oticon Opn is not equipped with a telecoil;  however, Oticon is releasing a new version equipped with a telecoil shortly (some time in June 2017.)

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Margaret Hutchison, PhD

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Austin

11 April 2017 - 4.82K Views

Denny Dinler, BC-HIS

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Inverness

11 April 2017 - 4.83K Views

The Oticon Opn is not currently available with a telecoil option, but the great news is that a telecoil option should be available by June 2017! Good things come to those who wait!!

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Karen Pullar, PgDip

Audiologist in Wellington

15 April 2017 - 4.77K Views

I meet with the representative from Oticon New Zealand on Thursday. The Oticon Opn products with Telecoil (miniRITE-T and BTE13 PP) are expected to be available in New Zealand within six weeks (end of May 2017).

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Juliëtte S
Juliëtte S 11 April 2017
on 4/10/2017 I received an email from the senior manager at Oticon US that the Oticon Opn will shortly be available. This is GREAT new for users of hearing aids as no matter how well hearing aids work one-on-one or in small groups, in venues with poor acoustics or hearing over distances are involved, hearing aids are unable to deliver. That is where hearing loops can offer a seamless solution by sending the audio wirelessly via minute changes in the magnetic field to telecoils found in hearing aids. To hear the dramatic difference a loop can make listen to recording made in and out of the loop in a church here:
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