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Is there a difference between the Alta2 Pro and the Alta2 Pro miniRite?

Abram Bailey

Professional Member

09 October 2016 - 2.21K Views

The Oticon Alta2 Pro was offered in the following behind-the-ear form factors (or styles):

  • Alta2 Pro miniRITE (reviews)
  • Alta2 Pro designRITE
  • Alta2 Pro RITE
  • Alta2 Pro miniBTE
  • Alta2 Pro BTE13 and BTE13 105 (Power aid)

Each of the styles is slightly different. Some are smaller, some are larger, some offer more manual control (push button and/or volume control), some offer a telecoil, some offer FM compatibility, but all are based on the same Inium Sense platform for audio processing. See the product brochure (PDF download) for pictures and more information about each style.

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