My husband was tested at AccuQuest this week for hearing aids. The cost is $5800.00. Can you tell me if AccuQuest is ripping consumers? We didn't think they would be this expensive.

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Hearing aids come in a number of price ranges based on the technology level of the aids you are purchasing.  Those prices typically range from a low of about $2000 per pair to as much as $7500 per pair for a top level set of hearing aids.  Assuming five levels of technology then a price of $5800 would be a fair amount for a second level pair.  Top level would be about $1000 more and mid (third) level would be about $1000 less.  You can always find someone willing to sell the same product for cheaper price but the skill of your dispenser is more important that what brand you buy or how much you pay.

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I purchased a Seimins for $3500 several years ago, couldn’t afford the better ones,then tested others, I then did a tone of research, the Best by a long run is the Kirkland Brand, Bluetooth programmable if you want. It’s only sold at Cosco. $1500/pair then for $40 get the night stand storage box that sanitizes & dehumidifies while you sleep....most out there are $5000-$8000/pair. The last ones I tested were $6000 and I returned them.
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my mother hates her accuquest hearing aid I am going to sell them on ebay she had gone back after getting them and the office would not help her. They would not take them back and said she has to pay $150 to make a new canal ear piece and said she could trade her $3500 and pay 6K for new ones.  I heard COSTCO are the best deal. My mother does not live near one, when she comes to visit I will get her the hearing aids from COSTCO

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