What are the differences between the Resound Linx2 9 and Costco Cala 8?

Julie Norin, AuD

Doctor of Audiology

04 April 2017 - 3.59K Views

I am not familiar with the Cala - or any other Costco-brand hearing aids, but it's my understanding that many of the products being sold through Costco are "made-for-Costco" products, so they are not really the same exact products as those being manufactured and sold under the manufacturer label (in this case, Resound Linx 2 9). Also, the products being sold through Costco are often not the current or most recent platform as products being dispensed by Audiologists obtaining products directly from the manufacturer. They are likely technology that is somewhat dated relative to the most recent products (in this case, the Cala might be more comparable to the Linx products and not the Linx 2). There may also be some programming limitations on some of the Costco products, which might restrict programming access to ONLY Coscto, meaning, you would not be able to go to any other provider for adjustments or programming. 



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Ellen Nathan

Hearing Healthcare Provider

10 April 2017 - 3.51K Views

Costco hearing aids are special, and have several features missing.  They are also older circuits than the ones sold through clinics.  For example, the tinnitus function is missing on all Costco aids, and some of the special noise program features are also missing. 

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Professional Member

Professional Member

05 April 2017 - 3.55K Views

According to the descriptions of the Linx2 9 and Cala 8 they both appear to be similar. There doesn't seem to be any glaring difference. Our office doesn't recommend buying Costco hearing aids as they are very limiting in many ways. The technology is very outdated, limited programs, and other providers cannot service or adjust Costco's hearing aids.  Although cost may play a factor in the choice of hearing aids, you should consider what is going to work and be best longterm.

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Member 30 August 2017
Why would anyone need another provider to adjust when they can go to costco


Member 09 October 2016
Anyone out there answer? I have the same question. I have tinnitus and high freq near total loss. Been out of work until recently, for almost two years. I cant afford the $5k+ cost at an audiologist and am looking at Costco for half that price on Resound Cala. One comment I read was that Costco does not have a tinnitus solution like you get with Linx2. Is that true? Thanks!
Member 11 June 2017 Replied to Member
That is correct and verified by the Audiologist at my local Costco. There is a possibility that the resound app may allow the feature to work on the Cala 8 even though it is not published as available. As a long term tinnitus sufferer, i intend to use the 6 month trial period to see if I need to spend several thousand more just to get the Resound features lacking at Costco.
Member 01 November 2016
I'd love to hear an answer to this too.
Member 11 January 2017
I had sudden hearing loss in one ear a year ago. Finally broke down and got tested for hearing aids at Costco. I have tinnitus as well, like running water constantly. I was tested withe the beeps and also for word recognition. Surprising, I scored 85% on the bad ear, 94% on the "good" ear and 100% both ears together. With the Cala 8 I was able to hear in the bad ear with a little buzzing. I recommend you get tested. It is free with your Costco membership. Also there is a 180 day trial period when you can return them.
Member 18 July 2017
Please note that Costco sells their product for almost 50% of the cost of other providers. Consequently, other hearing aid sellers are not anxious to speak highly of the Costco product. After speaking with a representative for Resound, it appears there are no differences between the Linx2 9 and the Cala 8
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