nil What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

Doctor of Audiology in Baltimore

13 February 2017 - 982 Views

Hearing loss is often progressive, so the symptoms may be difficult to notice until the hearing loss starts to have a true impact on ability to communicate. The most common reported symptoms is difficulty hearing or understanding womens or children's voices, or the perception that people are mumbling. This is because a typical age-related hearing loss will start with a loss in the mid-to-higher frequencies (pitches) first. Other symptoms include difficulty hearing or understanding conversation in the presence of background noise, as well as difficulty heairng or understanding conversation over the phone. Additonally, one might have difficulty understanding speech coming from the television or radio. Family members might report that the TV or radio volume are "too loud." Others might experience ringing in the ears (a.k.a tinnitus), feeling as though the ears are "clogged" or sound is muffled, and difficulty hearing at a distance. Depending on the severity of the hearing loss, you might also have difficulty hearing environmental sounds such as the turn signal in your car, the refrigerator humming, microwave beeping, alarm clock buzzing, or clock ticking. It's always recommended that if you suspect you are having difficulty hearing, to schedule a test to establish a baseline so you can determine heairng levels and be able to monitor for changes in the future.

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Doctor of Audiology in Clermont

12 February 2017 - 993 Views

Some of the most common signs of hearing loss are difficulty understanding people when they aren't facing you, listening to the TV at a louder volume than others prefer, difficulty hearing when there is background noise, hearing but not understanding words clearly, or feeling like people are mumbling. Often your loved ones will be the first to alert you to the problem. Many people with hearing loss also experience ringing in the ears. If you are experiencing these listening difficulties accompanied by dizziness, pain in the ears, or drainage from the ears, then there may be a medical issue going on that should be addressed. Either way, you should pay a visit to your local Audiologist to have your hearing evaluated. The Audiologist will review your test results with you and your family, make a medical referral if necessary, and review treatment options including hearing aids if you are a candidate for them.
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Hearing Healthcare Provider in Akron

13 February 2017 - 976 Views

Most hearing impairments occur gradually over a long period of time, so many people dont realize the extent of their problems. Normal aging, illness or injury can rob a person of the ability to hear well.The results can impair the quailty of peoples lives, ranging from being a minor nuisance of not being able to fully participate in conversations, to other areas as serious as not being aware of a potenially dangerous situation.  Having the volumne turned up on the TV is also another sign plus asking others to repeat themselves is a clear indication that something is going on. When you notice these signs, it is important to make an appointment to get your hearing evaluated as the provider can determine your hearing assessment.

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Hearing Healthcare Provider in Wilmington

12 February 2017 - 990 Views

One of the first signs of hearing loss are comments and concerns from family members about hearing or the loudness of the television. The person with the hearing loss may perceive that others are mumbling. Lastly the person with the hearings loss realizes that they are asking for repetition frequently. 

Seeing an audiologist is the first step to find out if there is a hearing loss, what kind of hearing loss  and what degree of hearing loss is present. The audiologist will guide the process to remediation whether it be referral to a physician for medical management or considering the use of hearing aids 

Having a baseline hearing test by age 50 is a great starting point even if you think your hearing is fine

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14 February 2017 - 964 Views

If you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves, you find yourself trying to read peoples lips, or you think people are mumbling. These things are all indicators that you should at least schedule a hearing test.

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Hearing Instrument Specialist in Brookport

14 February 2017 - 969 Views

How You Know It Is Time to Get Your Hearing Checked

  • What Did You Say?
  • If you find yourself asking that question to people on a regular basis then you may have a hearing problem. It can get frustrating for you and your loved ones. Don't let it hold you back from participating in conversations. Get your hearing checked. You Miss Things Your Wife, Kids, or Grandkids Say When hearing becomes impaired, not every frequency range goes at the same time. Higher frequencies used in speech, especially by women and children, are generally the first to go. If you are only having trouble picking up words when women or kids speak, it's a good sign that you need a hearing exam.
  • Everyone Turns to Look But You
  • Picture yourself in a restaurant, enjoying a meal with some nice conversation. Suddenly you realize that everyone's head is turned the same way. You look over to find a waitress picking up shattered dishes from the floor. Apparently, everyone heard it but you. The problem could be that all background noises are starting to sound the same to you, so you didn't pick out the breaking dishes from everything else that was going on around you. If you can't pick out specific background sounds, even when you try to, then a hearing exam is in order.
  • You Have to Be Facing the Person Speaking
  • It's always good to pay attention to someone who is talking to you, but if you suddenly discover that you can't look away and still hear what they are saying, then you may have started reading lips to try and fill in the gaps in what you are hearing. Sometimes a person may start to do this without even realizing it. If you've realized that you're picking up what people say from their lips and body language instead of actually hearing them, don't assume that's good enough and forget about going for a hearing exam.
  • Your Neighbors Are Banging on the Wall
  • Is your television or music turned up so loud that you are getting complaints from the neighbors? Unless you're playing it that loud on purpose and having wild parties, the problem may just be that you don't realize just how much you've cranked up the volume. Hearing loss is a gradual process. You don't have your volume at a normal setting one day and maxed the next. Your neighbors may notice the difference before you realize how much louder you've had to make things.
  • Frequent Misunderstandings
  • You may not be asking people what they said, but you may be responding with an answer that doesn't match the question or an emotion that doesn't add up to what you were just told. Letters like F and S often get confused. The T sound can also be confused for the sound a P makes and vice versa. It can add up to some awkward conversations.
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Hearing Healthcare Provider in Rochester

13 February 2017 - 976 Views

Most often the symptoms of a hearing loss are hard for a person to notice for themselves at first.  Friends and family will notice it first because they are having to repeat whole sentences or conversations and they get frustrated.   The person who has the hearing loss usually just says, "What?" or "Huh?" so they aren't typically bothered when the loss in not too great.  Also, family and friends will notice the TV is louder than usual.   So if you have had to have people repeat things to you then it is time to go have a hearing test.   Be sure to see an audiologist to make sure it isn't a medical condition that needs treatment.

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Hearing Healthcare Provider in Little Rock

12 February 2017 - 987 Views

There are many indications of hearing loss that are typically ignored or just not accepted by the person with the loss.  Many times it's the family that brings attention to the issue.  Although you may hear the sounds of someone talking, it's  when you are having trouble understanding what was said that causes concern.  Requiring TV volume to be louder than is comfortable for others or difficulty hearing speech in noisy situations is usually an indication for action. There truly are people that mumble and cause even normal hearing folks to not understand.  However, if it seems that several people mumble and you are constantly asking them to repeat what they said ... probably a hearing test is in order.  An hour spent on early diagnosis and treatment can prevent years of frustration and embarrassment going forward. 

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