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What can be done to help nerve deafness?

Teresa Burns, AuD


10 May 2016 - 3.83K Views

"Nerve Deafness" is a term which people sometimes use to refer to sensorineural hearing loss, or hearing loss due to damage to the cochlea (inner ear) or the nerve connecting the cochlea to the brain. Sensorineural hearing loss is permanent and can be caused by aging, exposure to loud noise, genetic conditions, ototoxic medication, illnesses and other things.

There is no medical treatment for sensorineural hearing loss but hearing aids and amplification systems usually can help. The first step is to have a full audiological evaluation (hearing test with some other measurements) and understand which pitches your hearing loss affects and how much. There can be many different levels and shapes of hearing loss and it is important for a professional to review the results to be sure there are no further checks that need to be done.

Once you have the results of your hearing test ('audiogram'), an Audiologist or hearing professional should be able to recommend a few options for hearing aid solutions to fit your hearing loss, ear shape, budget and preferences.

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