What is ReSound Cala?

Abram Bailey

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14 September 2016 - 15.5K Views

The Resound Cala is currently on sale at Costco, and looks to be the newest product offering from Resound (superseding the previous Costco-only Sola models). Many compared the Resound Sola to the first generation of Resound's LiNX hearing aids, which were one of the first Made-for-iPhone hearing aids to hit the market (and a hugely successful product for Resound). Resound released the LiNX2 on March 2, 2015. Going by the images and downloads available at future-resound.com, it looks like Resound has re-released the LiNX2 technology under the new model name "Cala" as part of an exclusive deal with Costco. 

From around the web:

Q2 2016 GN Store Nord A/S Earnings Call - Copenhagen Aug 11, 2016 

"As some of you have seen not only in our report but also picked up over the last week is that we have launched a ReSound-branded product called Cala at the branded category in Costco's business. Cala will replace ReSound Sola which was launched in the branded category back in the middle of 2015.

ReSound Cala is an exceptionally strong offering that reflects our ambition to increase our share and remain being a strong contributor to the growth of Costco and we do expect going forward that Costco will remain being one of our largest customers. ReSound Cala will also support strong and good potential, a profitable growth in not only this year but also the years to come. We're very excited that Costco has granted us the opportunity to bring this great technology into its members and therefore making sure that we can keep growing.

We furthermore see here that being stronger with the branded section, it supports very much the US recognition of the ReSound brand as the strongest brand in the business and we want to strengthen that brand recognition which is also part of our entire company branding that was announced back by the end of May. But as some of you have picked up, a consequence of our increased focus on the new brand of products at Costco, GN Hearing will not be the supplier of Kirkland Signature Seven that is soon to be launched at Costco."

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Melinda S
Melinda S 01 July 2017
I am giving one a test-drive now--delivered June 2017 at Costco. So far I like it, but I have no previous experience with all the Bluetooth functionality this offers. So far, it's pretty impressive and satisfactory, at half the price one pays at a standard Au.

Ellen Nathan

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Glendale

14 September 2016 - 15.5K Views

It appears to be a future release of a Resound Hearing Aid.  Currently there is no model with this name

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Member 04 October 2017
What is the difference between Resound Forte, currently being sold at Costco for $1,299.99/ear and the ReSound Linx 3D being sold at an Audiologist's practice at approx. twice that amount? One difference: The Costco Specialist said the Forte has two mikes while the Audiologist said the Linx 3D has seven mikes. Both seem similar after that, though: iphone phone app, left and right aids work together, etc. If The Linx 3D is better tech, is it worth twice the price, in your opinion?
Member 30 January 2018
What is this device? Model # 15557900?
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