What is the best brand of hearing aid battery?

Christine Pickup, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Rupert

05 June 2017 - 29.1K Views

The biggest factor I have found in battery life with zinc-air batteries is time exposed to air before use.  After the sticker is removed, let the battery sit about 5 minutes to fully activate before inserting into the hearing device.  Since batteries were reformulated without mercury, it takes a little time for the paste inside to become fully oxygenated.  Letting the battery sit for a few minutes will give you almost a full extra day of use.  You can read about 8th grader Ethan Manuell's study in prolonging battery life through his "5 Minute Rule" here:  http://leader.pubs.asha.org/article.aspx?articleid=2423607

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Abram Bailey

Professional Member

05 June 2017 - 29.1K Views

There was an excellent study done on this topic a few years ago (data gathered in 2012). I have highlighted the winners and pertinent results below. Please keep in mind that batteries were sourced in Brazil, and today's formulations may vary!

Size 675 Batteries: Winner - Duracell

The results for the size #675 batteries can be divided into three distinct groups: a group composed of six brands with similar behavior, an intermediate group consisting of three brands with a slight descent in performance, and a final group of one brand with the best performance. Thus, the worst batteries in terms of performance were ClearCell, ExtraPower, icellTech, Sony, Rayovac and Renata (average of 250 hours), the intermediate group comprised Energizer (264 hours), PowerOne (300 hours), and Panasonic (312 hours), and best performance Duracell (372 hours).

Size 13 Batteries: Winner - Sony

Battery performance for size #13 batteries can also be divided into three groups: a group composed of four brands with similar performance, a second group comprising also four brands with a slight descent in performance, and a third group containing the top two brands. ClearCell, ExtraPower, icellTech, and Energizer showed the worst performance (240 hours), followed by Panasonic, Duracell, , PowerOne, and Rayovac (264, 276, 276, and 276 hours, respectively), with Renata (300 hours) and Sony (312 hours) showing the best performance.

Size 312 Batteries: Winner - Duracell

The results for batteries of size #312 can be divided into four groups: a first group containing the worst performers, a second group with two brands whose results were slightly higher in relation to the previous group, a third group consisting of five brands with similar results, and a fourth consisting of one brand. Energizer (156 hours) and ExtraPower (168 hours) make up the first group, ClearCell (180 hours) and PowerOne (192 hours) follow in the second group; icellTech, Renata, Sony, Panasonic, and Roayovac (204 hours) comprise the third group, and Duracell (276 hours) in the fourth group.

Size 10 Batteries: Winner - Rayovac

Three groups can also be used to categorize the behavior of #10 batteries. The first group is constituted by the four worst performers, followed by a second group with slight higher performance, and finally, the brands with the best performance. ExtraPower and ClearCell (228 hours), PowerOne and Renata (240 hours) constitutes the first group; the second group consists of Duracell, Sony, icellTech, and Energizer ( 252 hours); Panasonic (264 hours) and Rayovac (276 hours) are the brands in the last group.

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Professional Member

Professional Member

05 June 2017 - 29.1K Views

The brand of the battery doesn't really matter the important thing about batteries is the expiration date. Batteries are good for 4 years so always check the package for the expiration date. The other thing to making a battery last longer is pulling the hearing aid door open at night or when hearing aids are not being used.

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Matthew Pearson

Audiologist in Greater London

04 June 2017 - 29.1K Views

As well as standard batteries you have Z-POWER silver zinc batteries which are rechargeable. Once charged they should comfortably provide a full-day's worth of use and it is the aid which goes in the charger so helps with those individuals with dexterity issues. Z-POWER's batteries contain no heavy metals so are more environmentally friendly than standard batteries.

Moderator's note: ZPower batteries are only compatible with some hearing aid models, and hearing aids typically must be retrofitted with the ZPower battery module prior to using their silver zinc battery solution.

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John Nobile

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Cape Coral

03 June 2017 - 29.1K Views

I use Power One in my office after trying several other brands. My patients prefer Power One and tell they last longer.

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Cynthia Modrosic, AuD

Audiologist in Union

05 June 2017 - 29.1K Views

For retail store hearing aid battery purchases, I recommend Rayovac, as they seem to be the most reliable and most consistent.  Power One batteries can also be purchased in audiology and dispensing offices, and they are another excellent option.  

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Member 30 October 2017
I keep reading tat battery life can be prolonged by leaving the new battery to air 5 minutes after taking off sticker before putting it in the battery door. Is there any truth to this or is it just a rumour.
Hugh B
Hugh B 04 March 2018 Replied to Member
You may put them in the fully opened battery door right away, but do not shut the door for 5 minutes. In the door, the flat side that had the air-protective tab is fully exposed once the tab is removed. That's all that is needed.
Debbie O
Debbie O 24 November 2017
As a new hearing aid wearer, of two weeks I’ve started to ponder this question about battery life myself. In this post, it seems the batteries are ranked by the size. While this is good, I think you also have to group the batteries by the brand and model of hearing aid. While I’m looking for the longest battery life for my money, other questions come to mind. The brand of standard batteries, should a re-chargeble battery be considered, should I have considered a re-chargeable hearing aid. I’m currently in my 45 day trial period of Oticon OPN 2 miniRITE hearing aids. It uses a 312 battery. The first week with the original battery, the life was 6 days. The batteries supplied with the HA’s are Rayovacs. The first two out of the package with a 2021 experation lasted 4 days and the life seemed to deplete rapidly. I do open the battery door on both HA’s at night and I also place them in the sanitizing version of a Dry and Store unit each night. According to the post Duracell’s 312 batteries have the longest battery life. Am I caring for the HA’s proberly? Are the Duracell’s better for longer life?
Hugh B
Hugh B 04 March 2018
I recently bought a card of 48 Kirkland Signature 312 batteries at my local Costco. They have an expiration date of 09/01/2021. They only last 3 or 4 days, largely because I wear them to bed to listen to BBC or NPR radio which puts me to sleep. Without the HAs, I have poor understanding, and that is frustrating and not sleep-inducing.
Member 09 March 2018 Replied to Hugh B
I too have started using the Kirkland Signature 312 batteries and was pleasantly surprised to find they lasted at least 10 days compared to the 7 that most other batteries do. They are removed at night and are exposed to air for at least 1 minute before using them the first time after removing the sticker. I'd say that combining the great price and the longevity of these batteries, it's a no brainer as to which batteries are the best bang for the buck!
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