What is the quality of Blamey Saunders hearing aids?

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Abram Bailey, AuD - Doctor of Audiology, Hearing Tracker Founder
09 September 2016 - 1315 Views

I cannot personally vouch for Blamey Saunders products, but here's what I was able to dig up on the internet:

"Australia Hears is now known as Blamey & Saunders. Their aids are made by America Hears, who happen to use ADRO which was developed by a company started by Blamey. The CEO of America Hears is listed as a team member on the Blamey & Saunders web site. So, there's a relationship and technology transfer, but I don't think one is just a branch office of the other." - Source

More information from The Australian Financial Review Magazine

"Available online and in their Melbourne Blamey Saunders Hears shopfront, the IHearYou-supported hearing aids make use of bionic ear technology, which their inventors claim is not always utilised in other options within the same price bracket - about $2250 a pair for the basic model, and $3675 for the more advanced.

The programming system means that for many users, getting the sound right in their hearing aids could be as simple as listening to four different chimes on their PC, then adjusting their volume so they all sounded the same, Saunders says.

All the company's research and design is done in Melbourne. Its hearing aids were designed by freelance medical jewellery specialist Leah Heiss (although they are manufactured in Thailand) while BRW Most Innovative company Planet Innovation collaborated to design the latest IHearYou system, which incorporates a smartphone app and a Bluetooth-enabled programmer. (The collaboration has been entered in the 2015 Good Design Awards.)" - Read more

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Duane Smelser - Hearing Healthcare Provider in Portland
09 September 2016 - 1296 Views

I've never heard of any such brand of hearing instruments, so I'm immediately skeptical about it's existence and quality if it actually does exist.

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Amy Swain, AuD - Hearing Healthcare Provider in Rochester
09 September 2016 - 1320 Views

Purchasing an off brand hearing aid like this would limit your choices for getting help from an audiologist.  Hearing aids need to be professionally cleaned to keep them working well.  Not sure how they program these aids but always nice to have an expert helping you out.  I really believe the audiologist you purchase from is the most important factor in your satisfaction with any hearing aid.  You need to find someone you trust and is knowledgable.

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Ellen Nathan, MA - Hearing Healthcare Provider in Glendale
09 September 2016 - 1321 Views

It appears that it is a small company.  I only fit the major manufacturers because they can be fit anywhere in the world.  Just keep in mind that if you purchase an off brand of aid, you will need enough clinics to fit it, because if there is only a couple that fit that brand, if they go out of business you cannot have the hearing aid serviced.

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Avatar unknown
Member Member - 6 months ago
Avatar unknown

I have owned America Hears ADRO hearing aids, the 32 channel model, for 3 years. I bought them because I wanted to be able to do my own adjustments at home. They pre-adjusted them from my audiogram and then they got on the phone with me, we hooked up the hearing aids through an interface and computer software and they fine-tuned them with me. It was totally convenient, and obviously you could do this anywhere. I also was very impressed reading about ADRO (now referred to as Lucid), which was developed by Peter Blamey in Australia. Henry Smith, who is the principal at America Hears, is the hardware guy, making the hearing aids with Peter Blamey's patented digital amplifier. The state of the art version is now a 96 channel model, sold at Sam's under the Liberty brand for about $4000 a pair, and sold by America Hears online for $2000. In Australia they sell for about $4000. Google both of these guys and you'll find a lot of info. I did not realize how good they were until I started trying other brands, as my dog ate mine about a month ago and I was trying to find replacements locally. I went to Costco and tried the Rexton Trax 4 and I tried the ReSound Cala 8. No comparison to what I previously had with the 32 channel from America Hears. Presently America Hears doesn't sell the 32 anymore. They are trying to market a more affordable version, 8 and 16 channel, still using the ADRO, now called Lucid. This digital amplifier and the software are really way beyond anything else you can get. American Hears presently sells the 96 channel through what they are calling their Outlet store, it includes a clip on Bluetooth streamer for the price. Extended warranties, beyond the one year are extra, but no surprise there, that's typical. I would really encourage anyone to read more about these hearing aids and if you're at Sams Club you could try them BUT you'll pay 2x more getting them there.

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