What is the typical cost to have used hearing aids adjusted for a new owner?

Doctor of Audiology in Houston

16 November 2017 - 3.61K Views

Prices will vary clinic to clinic. Some offices will bill you based on time (typically one hour for first fitting and 15 to 30 minutes for follow-ups after that) and some will be based on a service package including an x amount of visits with the cost.

At our office, the charge is $300 for one hour and it includes one 30 minute follow up visit. This is the same amount we charge our patients who buy hearing aids from us, as we separate costs of services from cost of hearing aids. This is not taking into account separate charges, such as conducting a hearing evaluation to see if the hearing aids brought by you are a good fit for your hearing loss, extended warranty if needed, new earmolds, new domes, receivers, etc. 

No matter what you decide, I'd recommend calling an audiologist and have hearing aid maker and model information ready, to make sure the audiologist is able to service those.


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Doctor of Audiology in Chicago

17 November 2017 - 3.56K Views

The cost of having a hearing instrument reprogrammed will vary from office to office based on the service provided. Services could include a hearing test if you do not have one that is less than 6 months old, Real-Ear-Measures, follow up appointments for further adjustments, and possibly a repair or warranty package. My basic reprogramming fee is $350 Then I offer my clients options for additional service packages or warranties if they choose. 

I would suggest that prior to scheduling an appointment you speak with the audiologist. As receiving a hearing instrument is wonderful gift but there is no guarantee it will work for your hearing loss. Some losses require power hearing instruments while others need only mild amounts of gain. Talking with the audiologist first about the hearing instrument you have and your specific hearing loss will determine if reprogramming is possible. This short conversation could save you a trip and money if it is not appropriate for you.  

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Doctor of Audiology in Newnan

17 November 2017 - 3.51K Views

Obviously everyone's fees and what they include is different.  However, I must say the first step is to have your hearing tested by the Audiologist while bringing the hearing aids with you.  That way, they can determine if the hearing aids are appropriate for your hearing loss, if parts are available to make them fit your ears,  and if they are able to be programmed.  Sometimes hearing aids that are over 5 years are no longer supported by the software and the parts are more difficult to obtain.  In addition, if the hearing aids were originally purchased in another country, many times US software will not let us reprogram the hearing aids.  

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HIS-Hearing Instrument Specialist in Brooklyn

20 November 2017 - 3.37K Views

At my office it can range form $150 for $400 based on the patients needs for example if molds are needed or just reprogram without an Audiogram. 

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Doctor of Audiology in Fort Lauderdale

18 November 2017 - 3.5K Views

The cost to have hearing instruments reprogrammed and refitted depends on the style and age of the device. The first step is to have a hearing test to ensure the used aids are an appropriate solution for your particular hearing loss. If the aids require an earmold the cost is typically $75-150 for a new mold. Reprogramming charges run anywhere from $425 to 625 depending if patients would like to purchase an all make warranty or service plan. 

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Doctor of Audiology in Layton

17 November 2017 - 3.56K Views

It definitely varies by location. In my office, it would be $400, which would include the fitting of the hearing aids to the new owner and at least one follow-up visit within a month. Hearing testing before fitting and the cost of new receivers for RIC aids ($100 each for aids that are out of factory warranty) or new earmolds ($150 per pair) or new hearing aid shells (depends on the remake lab used) that fit your ear and hearing loss needs would be additional. If you are inheriting the hearing aids from one of our current patients who is your direct relative, I would likely waive the fitting fee. Programming visits after the first month would be $50.

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Hearing Healthcare Provider in Sparks

16 November 2017 - 3.58K Views

Every provider typically sets his/her own price for programming a pair of hearing aids.  In my office I typically do it for free because in most cases someone died and left their hearing aids to another family member.  If they want a service package for the life of the hearing that will vary from $500 to $1500 based on the age of the hearing aids.  it includes unlimited office visits for the life of the hearing aid as well as a three-year battery club.

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Doctor of Audiology in Baltimore

16 November 2017 - 3.61K Views

We charge a $260 fitting fee, which covers initial programming and dispensing. All initial purchases also come with free follow-up office visits for one year, so for a new heairng aid users, the first year of adjustments are at no charge. After that, we charge a $52 office visit fee. Those fees will vary by provider.

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Audiologist in Anthem

16 November 2017 - 3.62K Views

Sorry, I can't answer this question for everybody, but in my clinic, there is an $800 fitting fee.  This covers the fitting and a structured follow-up schedule over the course of 45 days.  

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Member 16 November 2017
Does your fitting fee include programming the HA set?
Clifford Olson
Clifford Olson 16 November 2017 Replied to Member
Yes. It includes the programming, fitting of those devices to your ears, verification of benefit both subjectively and objectively, and teaching all care and maintenance of the devices.


Member 17 November 2017
Thank you for these answers. Apparently, costs/fees vary depending on the HA's, location, age of the units and service provider. Not an inexpensive service but worth the money if the units are exceptional.
Member 11 April 2018
These rates are extremely high. Perhaps AARP will offer set rates in each state for individuals who need to have their refurbished hearing aids adjusted to their needs. Sams has a hearing program going on right now. The exam is free, however, the hearing aids are quite expensive. Perhaps they will consider giving reduced prices for individuals who need such a service.
Member 26 June 2018
Does insurance generally cover the cost of hearing test and reprogramming the hearing aids/making new molds if necessary?
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