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What range of hearing loss is the Signia Silk hearing aid appropriate for?

Abram Bailey

Professional Member

28 April 2017 - 3.76K Views

According to documentation provided by Signia, the Silk hearing aid is appropriate people with normal to moderately-severe hearing loss in the lower pitches and up to severe hearing loss in the higher pitches.

Please refer to our page for the Signia Silk hearing aid. We have the Silk technical data PDF, which contains the fitting range of the product, and also display the fitting range under the "Signia Silk primax 7px Acoustic Profiles" section. To get there click on the "page navigation" dropdown button and select "Acoustics."

If you want to see your hearing loss overlaid on the fitting range (to see if you're a candidate for the device) please see this youtube video for instructions on how to do it. 

Please remember that manufacturer specified fitting ranges are not accurate for every individual. At the extremes of the fitting range some individuals may experience issues with acoustic feedback (whistling), too much or too little amplification, and/or distortion. If your audiogram (hearing test result) is not within the manufacturer specified fitting range, you are probably not a candidate, but it's best to consult an audiologist to be sure. 

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Doctor of Audiology in Kailua

15 August 2019 - 2.34K Views

The Silk is most appropriate for folks with mild to moderate hearing loss without a steep slope. A steep slope means that you have very different hearing levels at nearby frequencies (e.g. 30 dB HL at 1 kHz, and 65 dB HL at 2 kHz).

It's hard to achieve a lot of aided gain with the Silk because the thin sleeves that are attached to it and create that comfortable fit in the ear canal do not provide a substantial physical barrier between the speaker and microphone. This makes the Silk more prone to feedback that a behind the ear hearing aid or a custom-built in the ear hearing aid.

If you can get the gain you need to compensate for your hearing loss, then the Silk is definitely worth considering. I have a number of patients who are very happy with it. For those with steeply sloping loss, a vented Resound CIC with the mic-in-helix option can provide far more aided gain in the 1 to 6 kHz range.

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