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What's the difference between the Phonak Brio and the Brio 2?

Julie Norin, AuD

Doctor of Audiology

01 November 2016 - 16.3K Views

The Phonak Brio and Brio 2 are products that are specially made for and only sold at Costco warehouses. I only work with the main Phonak products that are available to audiologists market-wide, so I am not all that familiar with the specifics of the Brio/Brio 2 products; However, I do know that they are not the exact same product as the current Phonak V-platform products, and do not have the same exact features as the regular line sold market-wide by myself and other audiologists in clinics, medical practices, and private hearing practices.  Costco typically carries these made-for-big-box lines made by the major manufacturers that can only be programmed by Costco and most of these products are not the latest models or technology made by the manufacturer (which is why they may be less expensive).  

If I had to guess, the Brio line may have been the older programming platform equivalent to the mass-market Quest product portfolio with regard to programming; however, remember, there are still differences between those Phonak Quest products and the Brio products that are specifically made for Costco - meaning, they are limited with regard to many features and programming nuances that would otherwise be available in the "mainstream" product line. The newest platform available market-wide is the Belong portfolio, but I am guessing the Brio 2 is probably more aligned with the previous platform - the Venture line. Again, I don't work with Brio products, so I can say for certain, but I do know that the Costco products are one or two generations behind the mass-market products, and the Quest and Venture products are the older lines. 

Good luck with your search for a suitable hearing solution. I recommend you seek the in-person guidance of a trained audiologist who can help you to find the best products to fit your hearing needs, as well as your budget. There are many, many products out there, as well as many excellent providers! Good luck!

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Janette Call


01 November 2016 - 16.3K Views

Phonak Brio is either not sold in the United States or is an old model of Phonak hearing instruments.  There is no model currently available in the Phonak line by this name.

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