Why does my hearing aid keep beeping? It's not the low battery sound.

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Alexandra Tarvin, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Greenville
There could be several reasons that device is beeping and this may be dependent on the type of device that you have. Reasons could include: losing connection to it's partner, a button being stuck and changing the settings, poor battery contact, intermittency, damaged module, etc. I would recommend calling your provider's office to solve the problem.
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Alicia D.D. Spoor, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Highland

It sounds as though you need to see your Audiologist.  This could be feedback from cerumen (wax) in the ear, an intermittent wiring problem in the hearing, the receiver "pumping," or something else.  A diagnostic troubleshooting appointment should find the problem and possible in-office or manufacturer repair options.

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Dr. sandy
Sandy Schick, AuD - Doctor of Audiology in Lockhart

The first thing we look for when a hearing aid is beeping is a wax build up in the ear.  See if your audiologist/hearing aid provider or physician can check your ears to see if this is the problem.  If your ears are clear, there are often programming changes to your hearing aid that can be done to eliminate the beeping sounds.  Check with your audiologist/hearing aid provider to see what can be done. 

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Alina Phoenix - Hearing Healthcare Provider in Champaign

There are a number of reasons a hearing aid could be beeping ranging from a stuck button to a circuit malfunction to possible feedback.  With a problem of this nature, it is important you go back to the provider who fit you with the hearing aids to investigate.  Sometimes a deep cleaning of your ears and hearing aid is enough to restore proper function, other times the manufacturer will need to repair the device for you.  This is also a good time to check on the status of your warranty, as your warranty may cover the cost of the repair. 

Good luck!

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Professor Abram Bailey - 7 months ago
Abram bailey

Good point about feedback Alina. Definitely something to check with your provider!

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