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I have had ringing in my right ear for about 2 weeks. My ear feels plugged up with partial hearing and no pain. What should I do?

I don't typically answer these questions, but my personal opinion is to seek medical attention immediately. Your symptoms may be caused by...

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Are the new Oticon Opn hearing aids really that much better in background noise? I am considering upgrading from Alta2.

We have only fit a handful of patients so far. But, so far the feedback (no pun intended) has been great for hearing in noise! We all have...

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Are LiNX2 ITE hearing aids more susceptible to moisture than Phonak Virto hearing aids?

Custom hearing device products do not have IP (Ingress Protection) ratings, only behind-the-ear devices do. For moisture, the highest score a...

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What do hearing aids sound like?

For first-time users, hearing aids will often sound “tinny” or “amplified” or even seemingly too loud for the first few days of use. This is...

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What can be done to help nerve deafness?

"Nerve Deafness" is a term which people sometimes use to refer to sensorineural hearing loss, or hearing loss due to damage to the cochlea (inner...

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Does barometric pressure affect hearing?

You may experience some brief hearing loss and pressure in the ear with the change in atmospheric pressure, however, hearing may be affected...

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Who fits hearing aids?

Hearing aids are fit by licensed professionals, usually audiologists or hearing instrument specialists. An audiologist has typically completed 6-8...

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Can I use my old Roger Pen with my new Phonak Marvel hearing aids?

I do not know what model Roger Pen you have, but there is a newer version that works with the Phonak Marvel devices.  The original Roger Pen 1.1...

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I am thinking of purchasing a used hearing aid from a friend. Will it work for me?

There's a lot that goes into purchasing used hearing devices from anyone, whether that be online or a friend. It's important to have a hearing...

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