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Why don't audiologists give me a speech test in the soundroom to compare how I do with and without hearing aids and even between different sets of hearing aids.

This is a question that many patients ask.  Speech testing in a soundproof room does not give enough information as to how we hear.  If the...

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Can the radiation from wireless hearing aids cause brain damage?

We do not believe that any hearing devices emit enough radiation to cause any adverse health effects. Most newer products use a low-power...

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How do I choose the best cochlear implant company?

All cochlear implant manufacturers have different benefits.  In many ways, performance is similar, but the current and future technology...

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Are there any rechargeable hearing aids that work for profound hearing loss?

Phonak now has the Naida B R Receiver-In-Canal lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid that can treat a severe hearing loss.  It is basically the...

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Which hearing aids provide truly hands-free calling with an iPhone? With or without additional accessory.

The Phonak B-Direct devices as well as the Unitron Moxi All devices provide a true hands-free calling experience with an iPhone with no additional...

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Who makes Kirkland hearing aids?

The KS 8 model is actually manufactured by Rexton which is a sister company to Signia (Siemens).  If you goto they have a lot of...

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I have Widex hearing aids. While walking and streaming music from my iPhone the hearing aid furthest from my phone cuts in and out. I keep the iPhone in a hip holster and have tried both hips.

The Bluetooth wireless signal has a short wavelength. Your body can get in the way of it and disrupt the signal - Bluetooth doesn't wrap around...

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Does any company sell hypoallergenic hearing aids?

All hearing aid companies try to keep their hearing aids as hypoallergenic as possible whether the instruments are in the ear or behind the ear....

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