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I always pass free hearing screenings, but really think I have a hearing loss. Is this possible?

Yes! This is very possible. A free hearing screening can vary by practitioner, but it often consists of a pass/fail screening at a certain level...

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Will a hearing aid dryer damage my soft earmolds?

Soft molds are fine in the dryer but over a long period of time year or more possibly the material shrinks or hardens. We advise our patients that...

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Will hearing aids that are "Made For iPhone" and Android compatible (via ASHA) offer any advantages over universal Bluetooth hearing aids like Marvel?

It offers the ability to make Hearing Aid Bluetooth Specific settings changes in the MFi Hearing Aids section of the iPhone.  It also allows for...

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I have a new Oticon ConnectClip. When the wearer touches it, or her clothing brushes against it, I hear loud static noise. Is this normal?

Yes, brushing against any microphone makes noise. What you describe is normal. Find a place to clip the microphone away from clothing and avoid...

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With my hearing aids, my voice echoes and I hear a booming nasal sound when I talk or eat. Is there any solution?

Often this can happen with hearing aids that are all in-the-ear. The main reason is the occlusion effect, which happens when you have something...

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How do I know when it's time to replace the speaker (receiver) on my RIC aids?

Your audiologist should be able to definitively determine if the receiver wire should be replaced but some common symptoms are that the device is...

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Why are real ear measurements not required on all new hearing aids sold?

They absolutely should be! In some states they are required to be performed within a certain time period of the fitting of the devices or at the...

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What's the difference between Oticon Opn and Oticon Opn S?

The previous answers have laid out the key differences. I would just add that any improvements described are based on claims from the...

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Where can I find affordable hearing aids? I am on a budget of only $1500 for 2, and would like to see a professional.

Most private practice audiologists have devices in that price range. It is a common misconception that the public must go to Big Box or retail...

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