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Is it safe to remove ear wax with Hydrogen Peroxide?

It is safe, and an effective way to remove earwax from the ear canals, provided that you do not have a perforated eardrum. I would also recommend...

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How is artificial intelligence technology used in the Starkey Livio AI?

Currently, the Livio is functioning as a hearable fitness device. It keeps track of the activity of the wearer while they are moving around and it...

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When will direct audio streaming from Android be available for the LiNX Quattro hearing aids?

Without having a crystal ball, there is no way to calculate a release date for "direct to Android" connectivity to the Quattro.  Trust me, we all...

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My hearing aids are apparently "obsolete". Are there any aftermarket hearing aid repair shops?

Most manufacturers stop servicing hearing aids after 5-7 years but there are several all make repair shops clinics can use if the manufacturer is...

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Are there any truly invisible hearing aids?

Truly invisible hearing aids are fit deeply into the ear canal.  Phonak makes the Lyric and it is semipermanently fit into the ear canal by an...

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I have a high tone in my right ear. Do I need to see an audiologist or can I see any hearing professional?

Thanks for asking about the tone in your ear. The common term used when describing a sound in your ear(s) that is not generated from your...

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Why don't audiologists give me a speech test in the soundroom to compare how I do with and without hearing aids and even between different sets of hearing aids.

At our clinic, we use Quick Speech in Noise testing with and without hearing aids to simulate a real-world situation most individuals with hearing...

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How do I get rid of the constant whistling sound from my hearing aids?

I always tell my patients that hearing aid whistles don't make them or me look good! If you left your audiology office and the aids were not...

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Can the radiation from wireless hearing aids cause brain damage?

We do not believe that any hearing devices emit enough radiation to cause any adverse health effects. Most newer products use a low-power...

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