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Can I wear Silk X hearing aids at night for tinnitus relief?

Other respondents have already mentioned reasons why you may not want to wear Silk X at night, but those reasons were all based on assumptions...

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What's the difference between Livio AI and Livio Edge AI from Starkey?

To start this answer...I’d like to clarify some foundational info. Starkey’s “Livio” tech comes in 2 flavors...with AI and without AI. The non-AI...

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Which hearing aids currently support audio streaming from Android devices via ASHA?

Starkey Livio Edge & ReSound Quattro hearing aids.  However, the Android device must have the Android 10 operating system and Bluetooth...

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Do clear face masks offer as much protection as normal surgical masks?

Clear masks can offer protection from the wearer transmitting droplets to others, which is the purpose of a mask. However, the considerations...

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I am hearing a spring sound in my ear. What could it mean?

(Note: This advice is for information only, and you should see an audiologist, otolaryngologist and/or your primary physician for appropriate...

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What is the best way to find, by US city, an audiologist who offers unbundled prices?

Go to our hearing aids near me map and filter the providers by "Other Services" -> "Unbundled hearing aid pricing". Or, use this shortcut to...

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