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Expert Answers from Hearing Healthcare Providers

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Are online hearing tests accurate? I am thinking about buying online and not sure whether I can trust the test.

Online hearing screenings, specifically the question and answer format, may be helpful in determining if you are at risk for hearing loss. ...

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Which works best for iPhone users, Phonak Marvel or Made For iPhone hearing aids like Oticon Opn?

Currently, the Phonak Marvel Hearing aids are the only ones that allow the user to answer a call by pressing a button on the hearing aid.  The...

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Why doesn't medicare cover hearing aids?

Only Medicare can answer that question but the theories have been along 3 different lines: "It's too expensive." Only in the last 15 years has...

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Is it possible to recommend the right hearing aid based on the hearing test (audiogram) alone?

The audiogram can provide a lot of information; however, it is not enough to make a decision for an appropriate hearing aid. It is important to...

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What is the best BiCros hearing aid?

The best BiCros is a somewhat subjective question.  The answer varies based on your particular hearing loss and the skill of the dispenser. ...

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When I buy premium-priced hearing aids, am I getting better hardware or is it only the software features I'm paying for?

The physical device is the same. The software is what determines the technology level, but it's not "only software." Software is everything about...

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Are hearing aids safe to wear while hunting?

Simple answer is “NO”..... Please wear hearing protection. Ear plugs for shooting are recommended and have been evolving at a rapid pace, and...

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What are the best ear plugs for comfort and noise protection?

In my experience custom solutions work far better for most people than off the shelf solutions. Sure the initial investment is a little higher but...

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How do I get water out of my ear safely after swimming?

Water in your ear canal will most often dry up on it's own.  Putting a few drops of alcohol in the ear canal may help to speed up this process. ...

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