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Why must I wear hearing aids when I am totally alone at home? There is nothing to listen to. I may hum to myself but that's it!

Great question! I hear this one all the time. Hearing happens with more than just your peripheral ear. Your brain needs auditory stimulation for...

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Can I use my old Roger Pen with my new Phonak Marvel hearing aids?

I do not know what model Roger Pen you have, but there is a newer version that works with the Phonak Marvel devices.  The original Roger Pen 1.1...

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I am thinking of purchasing a used hearing aid from a friend. Will it work for me?

There's a lot that goes into purchasing used hearing devices from anyone, whether that be online or a friend. It's important to have a hearing...

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What is your review of the Hearing Assist rechargeable hearing aid? The pair costs less than $500 at Walmart.

I look at this  product akin to "training wheels".   It's a way to get started.  For someone with a mild hearing loss, this product may be...

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What is the occlusion effect? Is it an issue for noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds?

The occlusion effect can be experience by placing your fingers in your ear canals and talking. Occlusion occurs when the speaker's own voice...

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What rechargeable hearing aids last the longest? I am outdoorsy and not always near an outlet.

For daily battery life, most last 20-30 hours, but this can be reduced by how much Bluetooth streaming you do. Consider it a 1:2 ratio, where 1...

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Are hearing aid dehumidifiers necessary? I live in New Orleans, where it's fairly damp, and my hearing aids are cutting in and out.

The two primary culprits to cause problems with hearing aids are wax and moisture.  Some instruments are less vulnerable to wax issues because of...

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Is tinnitus considered a disability? For me, it seems to be.

As a former Social Security Disability Determination Examiner, the official answer would be no. “The law defines disability as the inability to...

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How do I clean my hearing aids? And how often? They are Phonak Marvel RICs.

When you take them off you should look for wax in the dome. Brush it daily, also brush the microphones, the small slits in the back of the aid by...

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