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What is the best way to find, by US city, an audiologist who offers unbundled prices?

Go to our hearing aids near me map and filter the providers by "Other Services" -> "Unbundled hearing aid pricing". Or, use this shortcut to...

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What is a remote microphone? Do they actually help in noise?

Let me begin with a question of my own: If you are in a noisy environment and the person you want to hear was constantly 6 inches from your ear,...

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Are there certain types of hearing aids that are better for professional singers?

Let me begin by giving you a reference point on me.  I was a recording studio engineer for 10 years before I became an audiologist (for 29 years)...

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Is there a cost to replacing the lithium-ion battery that comes in a rechargeable hearing aid or is the battery replacement free?

For devices still covered under the manufacturer's repair warranty, this is something that should be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Some...

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Does "noise reduction" actually improve the signal-to-noise ratio or just make the sound more comfortable?

True "noise reduction" algorithms can provide a slight improvement in signal-to-noise ratio (or SNR), and these algorithms are getting better all...

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My hearing aid is not working, but my audiologist's office is closed due to COVID. What are my options?

First check your battery.  Next, if it is a traditional earmold style, make sure the mold is clear. Use a wax tool or wire to make sure the...

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I can't clear my right ear when I hold my nose and blow. It's been two days. Should I go to my doctor?

You should absolutely make an appointment to see an audiologist, but make sure you find one that is associated with an ear, nose and throat...

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Why must I wear hearing aids when I am totally alone at home? There is nothing to listen to. I may hum to myself but that's it!

Great question! I hear this one all the time. Hearing happens with more than just your peripheral ear. Your brain needs auditory stimulation for...

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