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What is the best Personal Sound Amplification Device?

Mark butler
Mark Butler, AAS
Short answer is that there are no "best" personal sound amplification devices.  These units are designed to simply amplify all the incoming sound at a consistent level across the entire frequency range.  If you have a very flat mild hearing loss then a PSAD might be of some benefit.  However, very few people have that type of hearing loss.  I have talked... Read more

I can no longer hear or understand the actors at the theatre. Two theatres have telecoil loops, which aren't very good; others have infrared systems that help somewhat. Any new hearing assistance devices that would help?

Juliette photo small
Juliëtte Sterkens, AuD
It is frustrating not being able to enjoy the theater. Please know that the performance of the hearing loop depends on the installation skills of the installer - and while most hearing loop installers work very diligently to make sure the loop meets the IEC 60118-4 hearing loop standard it is possible that the one you are using fails to do so.... Read more