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Which IIC hearing aids are the best? I'm looking for devices that can adjust on their own based on any noise environment, with a natural feel and clear sound.


Jennifer Arndt, BC-HIS

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Lexington

30 November 2016 - 4885 Views

All labs that produce IICs have technology levels that adjust for noisy environments to the best degree that today's technology allows. No IIC, or any other size hearing instrument will sound natural if a person has never worn hearing aids, until their mind has gone long enough hearing through them all day, everyday so that listening through the hearing devices becomes the new 'normal'. This leads to the next point - IICs have BY FAR the lowest satisfaction rates at every lab that produces them when compared to other sizes of custom hearing aids... Read more

I have sloping hearing loss that is moderate to severe at high frequencies. I am 47, male. My low frequencies are fairly ok. Am I a candidate for IICs? If so which make/model would you recommend? I prefer wireless features.

Hearing aids london

Matthew Pearson

Hearing Aid Audiologist in London

20 September 2017 - 516 Views

The honest answer is if there were 10 options to cover your hearing loss, this would be choice 10 on the list!If you have normal/near normal low frequency hearing then you are likely to feel very occluded (plugged up) ie your own voice is likely to sound boomy & resonant if you were to be fitted with an IIC device.Being a single mic device you will find that the aid is OK for quiet situations but in noisy restaurants etc you are likely to find hearing other diners very challenging.You may also find to cover the hearing loss in the highs because... Read more