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Over the past week, I have been experiencing imbalance when I walk. It’s worse when I bend over. What’s causing this, and is there anything I can do?

Scot frink

Christopher S. Frink, MS

Audiologist in Salem

13 August 2016 - 611 Views

As Kristi indicated, a full audiological evaluation is warranted.  Your primary care physician should be notified and you should request a referral to see an audiologist who specializes in vestibular (balance) testing.  Just a disclaimer that I am not specialized in this area of audiology but I frequently refer patients experiencing extreme symptoms like yours to someone I know who does.  In all likelihood, you may be experiencing what is known as "Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo", or BPPV for short.  This is fairly common and easily diagnosed... Read more