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Why do hearing aids whistle?

Tom goyne aud
Thomas Goyne, AuD
Similar to a public address system, a hearing aid can hum, whistle, or ring when amplified sound comes out of the hearing aid’s loudspeaker and is picked up by the microphone and re-amplified, over and over again. This creates what’s called an acoustic feedback loop.Possible causes of feedback include:Improper insertion into the user’s ear.Improper... Read more

Why does my hearing aid beep while I'm chewing food?

Abram pro square
Abram Bailey, AuD
When you chew, you hearing canal actually changes shape. You can test this yourself by placing your pinky finger into your earcanal, then opening and closing your mouth (make sure you take your hearing aid out first). When your earcanal changes shape, this can often lead to amplified sound leaking out of your earcanal around the sides of a custom-molded... Read more

I have severe to profound loss. Hearing aid companies are boasting about advances in feedback cancellation. Is a dome fit an option for me now?

Todd Gibson, AuD
You might be able to get away with power dome tip.  However, the most appropriate coupling would be a custom power shell that is encased in the receiver wire.   I use them all the time with very good success.  They are comfortable and can come in acrylic or soft materials as well.