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Which in-the-ear hearing aids are best for moderate-to-profound hearing loss? I'm a 45 year-old long-time HA user who must hear well in board meetings and on the phone. Price is not an issue.

Christopher hamilton 237x300

Christopher Hamilton, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Asheville

18 May 2016 - 7895 Views

The hearing aid manufacturer is not nearly as important as the professional you choose. Of the many brands of hearing devices available, many can and will work well, assuming they are programmed properly using standard verification methods. I would recommend focusing on finding an excellent Doctor of Audiology and the everything else should fall into place. 

I have a severe to profound loss in both ears. I've always worn the full shell ITE aids. I like the convenience of not having the electronics hanging on my ear. Could I get better hearing or power by going with a BTE?

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

Timothy Charles Steele, PhD

Audiologist in Overland Park

14 September 2017 - 358 Views

Without consulting in person by examining your test results, discussing your preferences or seeing your ear canal, the most likely answer to your question is yes.  Behind-the-ear hearing aids have more power because of the amplifier size but because the microphones are separated farther from the receiver/output, you can likely achieve higher gain without as much risk of feedback.  In addition, with the components behind your ear there may be more room for additional accessories such as Blue-tooth antenna, etc...Behind the ear technology often has... Read more

Are there any rechargeable hearing aids that fit right in the ear?


Steve Eagon, MA


17 July 2017 - 610 Views

While there are numerous options for re-chargeable behind-the-ear hearing aids today, there is one option to consider if you are looking for a discreet in-the-canal solution. Eargo Plus is a hearing aid sold through its website. It is designed for people who have mild-to-moderate high frequency hearing loss and includes full support from a team of licensed hearing professionals who provide guidance by phone or video conference. If you have a hearing test, you can scan and email it for review.Eargo Plus comes with a small charging pod that charges... Read more

Why are in-the-ear hearing aids skin colored? It makes them look like a phone from 20 years ago.

Hearing aids london

Matthew Pearson

Hearing Aid Audiologist in London

07 June 2017 - 933 Views

If you look at the inside of the aid (if the shell is clear) you can see all the wiring & components. If the faceplate were also to be transparent it would probably look quite unsightly.I often have patients choose a different shell colour ie white for the right for easy identification but if a mini canal device with twin mics is fitted it can cover a wide range of losses & is very discrete, although I would say CRT aids still account for the vast majority of the devices ordered​ from my organisation. The receiver wires can be matched to nine... Read more