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I have a Phonak cross-over pair--one ear is deaf and the aid in that ear transmits over to the good ear. Are similar products available for the Audeo B-R?

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Rebecca Jahed, AuD

Clinical Audiologist in Prince Frederick

13 April 2017 - 674 Views

At this point, there is not an option for a rechargeable CROS/BICROS with the Phonak Belong series.  I check every so often when I call Phonak because it would be an amazing option to offer those with an un-aidable ear.  This information that I have been given is that the battery voltage is not compatible with the requirements necessary when streaming with the CROS/BICROS system at this time.  The Belong series does have a CROS option (CROS-B) but it is not with the rechargeable battery. 

Is the Phonak Audeo B Direct Made For iPhone?

Hearing aids london

Matthew Pearson

Hearing Aid Audiologist in London

04 September 2017 - 1081 Views

To answer simply, no. It is made for any Bluetooth equipped phone be it an Android, Apple Windows or a simple clamshell phone like a Doro so you are not forced to have a Smart Phone just a mobile phone equipped with Bluetooth. This does introduce some pros & cons. You can take a call through the aid without having to pick up the phone but you cannot stream audio so you would need to figure out how important a factor this would be when considering this model. It does also have the option of a TV streamer which does not require a neck worn or clip... Read more

I have profound hearing loss and the Naida V50 with the UP RIC sounds great but can be too powerful sometimes. Can an Audeo B70-R work for me as well with the UP RIC?

Dr. timothy c. steele  audiologist

Timothy Charles Steele, PhD

Audiologist in Overland Park

08 June 2017 - 420 Views

I believe these are important questions addressed between you and your audiologist.  There are many variables that make decisions like this such as your type/degree/configuration of your hearing loss, your sensitivity to loudness, your previous amplification use, etc....I would recommend you discuss this with an experienced, trusted audiology professional to help guide you as you make important decisions for your best hearing.   It is true that some individuals perceive RIC's as sharper or more harsh as compared to more traditional behind-the-ear... Read more