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I have Widex hearing aids. While walking and streaming music from my iPhone the hearing aid furthest from my phone cuts in and out. I keep the iPhone in a hip holster and have tried both hips.


Sarah Chipman, AuD

Doctor of Audiology in Layton

17 July 2018 - 114 Views

The Bluetooth wireless signal has a short wavelength. Your body can get in the way of it and disrupt the signal - Bluetooth doesn't wrap around objects like some longer wavelength radio signals can. A Widex trainer at a conference I attended last year suggested that if a person complains about intermittent audio when their phone is in their back pocket, we should suggest they move their phone to the front so the signal doesn't have to try to get through their body to get to the antenna of the hearing aid(s). Since that sounds like what's happening... Read more

Why do my Widex Beyond hearing aids crackle when I listen to my iPhone?

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Paige Peterson, PhD

Hearing Healthcare Provider in Austin

02 November 2017 - 612 Views

To effectively answer this I would need a little more information. Are you streaming the call through the Beyond aids (I am assuming so)? How far is the phone from you as you are making the call? Are you standing next to a microwave oven?As a hearing aid user, I have had the Widex Beyond aids on my head. If you are not streaming the call to the aids and are putting the phone to your ear, it could be that you are getting intermittant signal from the autocoil. Assuming that the sound is streaming from the iPhone, the phone needs to be 30' from you (per... Read more

I have single-sided deafness. What are the differences between the Widex CROS, Phonak CROS, and Signia CROS hearing aids?

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Clifford Olson, AuD

Audiologist in Anthem

01 June 2017 - 2756 Views

There are not a lot of differences between these three companies other than personal preference.  However, Widex and Phonak have disconnect signals that are given when the aid and transmitter are separated from each other.  Signia just got into the CROS game, but their devices seem to perform well.  I have had the most luck with Phonak.  Every time I try to use another manufacturer for CROS or BiCROS, I keep coming back to them due to performance and durability.  Wish there were more differences to elaborate on, but nothing dramatically different... Read more