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I was lucky to present recently at the American Academy of Audiology’s annual convention in Nashville held April 18-21, 2018. You can read about my presentation here. It was a fascinating experience to attend an audiology conference, not as an audiologist, but as a patient. It was interesting to attend the various educational sessions for the audiologists, listen in on the latest product launches from the hearing aid manufacturers, and walk the expansive exhibition hall to explore new and innovative products for people with hearing loss. I am so glad I attended. Read more

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Phonak is the first to release rechargeable hearing aids across an entire family of behind-the-ear devices. This means rechargeable solutions for their latest Belong™ processing platform are now available for children and adults, and for almost any degree of hearing loss. With their new wireless CROS B-R, Phonak has even provided a rechargeable solution for those suffering from single-sided deafness. Read more

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Hearing loss sneaks up on people gradually, so it is sometimes difficult to detect oneself. Often, friends and family are the first to notice. The average person waits 7-10 years before treating their hearing loss. Part of this is due to stigma, but part is not knowing the steps to take to find out more about hearing loss and to construct a plan for treatment. Here are my tips for taking the first few steps along your hearing loss journey. Please share your ideas in the comments. Read more

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I love to travel, attend concerts, and live sporting events, but as my hearing loss has worsened, I have become more sensitive to loud sounds. More frequently, the aftermath of a plane flight or visit to a stadium was a long bout of tinnitus and sometimes, even vertigo. It just wasn’t worth it, until I discovered noise-cancelling headphones. I wear them almost everywhere now — on airplanes, at the movies and of course at any concert or loud stadium. Not only do they protect my hearing in the moment, they prevent days of pain and annoyance afterwards. Read more

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Hearing loss continues to affect a growing, and increasingly younger, portion of the population. And many individuals who experience hearing loss, choose not to act on it. If you think hearing loss isn’t that big of a deal, or that you can get along just fine without getting your hearing loss treated, you’re mistaken. Hearing loss affects all aspects of your life, from your own health and happiness to your relationships with those most important to you. Read more

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Walgreens appears to be following competitor CVS with a gradual rollout of hearing aid centers across United States. CVS initially announced stores in Dallas and Cleveland back in 2015, and has since opened around 30 stores across seven US States (shy of earlier projections for 2017). While CVS sells Rexton, Unitron, and Bernafon hearing aids, it appears that Walgreens is selling Starkey manufactured products. Read more

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When music is played at high volume, earbuds deliver louder sound exposures than over-the-ear headphones. And they deliver them directly into the ear. That’s why the music may sound incredible but still carries greater risks when it comes to damaging hearing. The unfortunate news is that hearing loss from loud sounds isn’t recoverable, meaning that once you damage the little hair cells deep in your ear they don’t grow back and that part of your hearing is lost for good. Read more