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Many public venues offer assistive listening technologies, such as FM, infrared and hearing loop systems, to help those who struggle with hearing loss. The Assistive Listening Device Locator, sponsored by Listen Technologies, makes it easy to find assistive listening technologies in your area, by highlighting local theaters, hospitals, universities, and other venues that are equipped with such systems.


Searching for a venue on the Locator is simple:

  • Type in your zip code, address, or city
  • Venues with assistive listening systems will appear
  • Participate with the “Add a Location” function, if you’ve been to a venue with an assistive listening system that isn’t listed on the site
  • And report issues about the venue using the “Report a Problem” function

When asked about the ALD Locator, Karen Smith, an avid assistive listening device user from Wisconsin, said, “As someone who has hearing loss, and who uses assistive listening devices a lot, I think the ALD Locator is fantastic. I’ve used it in my own area and also while I’ve traveled to find places. It’s really helpful and I like supporting businesses that understand my needs.”

ALD Locator is fantastic … It’s really helpful and I like supporting businesses that understand my needs – Karen Smith

This is precisely why the ALD Locator was created – to help connect people to better and more positive listening experiences. Everyone has the right to enjoy hearing what they love. The ALD locator will help you locate numerous locations with assistive listening systems, so that you can continue to enjoy doing what you love to do.

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