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This article is brought to you thanks to the sponsorship of Each Ear, LLC, a company dedicated to making the hearing aid experience the best it can be for all users.

If you are struggling to insert hearing aid speakers into your ears, a simple $25 modification can help.  Many people struggle with hearing aid insertion for three reasons.

  1. Speakers are small making it difficult to control and manipulate.
  2. Ear canals are often angled, include bends and can be obstructed by cartilage making it more difficult to get speakers deeply enough into the canals.
  3. Mobility limitations and dexterity issues can make it even more difficult.

That’s why hearing healthcare practitioner and inventor, Jeffrey Szmanda, created Gruv Buttons™.  His company, Each Ear, LLC reports that the patent-pending Gruv Buttons™ are the easiest way to insert hearing aid speakers in the ears.

Gruv Button

The company’s website,, features a 2-minute video that details Gruv Buttons’™ ergonomic design, how the fingertip fits in the Gruv Button™, and how this makes it much easier to manipulate the speaker so that people can gently wiggle it sufficiently deep into their ear canal.

The company states that sufficiently-deep insertion is vital to ensuring that people experience their prescribed amplification for optimal hearing and understanding, that the hearing aid is more secure, that feedback (that squealing sound) is significantly reduced and that their hearing aids are less noticeable.

For anyone having difficulty with insertion, hearing healthcare practitioners will retrofit both of their current hearing aids for only $25.  To find a participating local practitioner, the company asks that you complete a simple form on their website,

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