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The world of hearing healthcare can be overwhelming. There are so many different brands, and so many different retail outlets to choose from. Have you ever heard the following questions?

  • Which hearing aid brands are the best?
  • How are all the hearing aid brands related?
  • Which hearing aid companies own which retail outlets?
  • Who really manufactures X brand of hearing aids?

Let’s take a stab at that first question, before moving onto a more comprehensive look at all the companies in the industry.

Which hearing aid brands are the best?

This is a very difficult question as there is currently no objective way to assess the quality of one hearing aid over another (more on hearing aid reviews). However, many audiologists accept that the quality of hearing aids coming from the “big six” hearing aid manufacturers is high standard, and that you generally can’t go wrong by sticking with the industry’s top brands. So who are the “big six” and where can you find more information about them?

"Big Six" Hearing Aid Companies
Company Main Brand Country
GN ReSound Resound Denmark
Sivantos Signia Germany
Sonova Phonak Switzerland
Starkey Starkey United States
Widex Widex Denmark
William Demant Oticon Denmark

Big Seven?

It has come to our attention that Unitron, Sonova’s second largest hearing aid brand, has a market share on par with Widex. As many audiologists know, Phonak and Unitron share many of the same sophisticated hardware and software features, with Unitron providing unique innovations like Flex:upgrade, which allows consumers to upgrade their hearing aids using the same physical units. For these reasons Hearing Tracker believes Unitron should be included in the Big Six (let’s just call it the Big Seven).

Which Hearing Aid Brands Do Audiologists Prefer?

We surveyed hundreds of audiologists (September 2016, December 2016, and most recently in March 2017) to find out which hearing aid brands are the best on the following metrics:

  • Value for money
  • Sound quality
  • Reliability
  • Ease of fit
  • Ease of use
  • Support service
  • Aesthetics
  • Connectivity
  • Battery life

We also asked them about patient satisfaction with hearing aids with the following questions:

  • How would you rate your patients’ satisfaction with the following hearing aid brands?
  • Which of the following brands has the most returns by patients?

Results for the survey can be found in the infographic below. If you are looking for our popular “Hearing Technology Industry Map” keep scrolling past the survey results.


Survey results reflect the attitudes of audiologists, who may or may not be familiar with all hearing aid brands. For better or worse, each audiologist has their brand preferences, and our survey results reflect those preferences. Take the results with a grain of salt. All questions are property of UBS and cannot be replicated without consent.

The Rest of the Story

Let’s get back to the three remaining questions. How are brands related? Which companies own retail outlets? Who really manufactures brand X? To provide a very quick (and visual) answer to each of these questions, we have put together the following Hearing Technology Industry Map:

Hearing Aid Brands

Check out the image version (above) or this full-screen interactive version.

We tried our hardest to make the interactive map easy to read, but if you have difficulty, please checkout the outline below (not updated as frequently). We used online information as well as information from a few industry insiders to put this list together, but please let us know if you see any inaccuracies and or additions. Feel free to use the commenting system at the bottom of this page!

Please note: The brand map depicted in the image above (and outline below) reflect our best educated guesses as to associations between companies, brands, etc. Linkages do not always indicate full ownership of brand x by company y. Any corrections may be suggested using the inline commenting system or by contacting 

Hearing Technology Industry Map (link)

Single Brand Companies

Earlens (link)

SeboTek (link)

Persona Medical (link)

Cochlear (link)

Med-El (link) – Cochlear Implant Brand

General Hearing Instruments (link)

Audina Hearing Instruments (link)

audifon (link)

Medtronic (link)

Sophono (link) – Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Brand

Esteem (link) – Middle Ear Implant Hearing Aid Brand

iHEAR (link) – Internet-Based Hearing Aid Brand

William Demant (link)

Hearing Aid Brands

Oticon (link)

AGX (link)

Bernafon (link)

Sonic (link)

Selectic (link)

NovaSense (link)

Audika (link)

Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Brands

Oticon Medical (link)

Cochlear Implant Brands

Oticon Medical (link)


Whisper (link)

Hearing life (link)

Accuquest (link)

Avada (link)

ListenUP! Canada (link)

Van Boxtel hoorwinkels (link)

Other (link)

Your Hearing Network (link)

AHAA (link)

Sennheiser Communications (link)

Joint venture with Sennheiser KG

Diagnostic Instruments (link)

gsi (link)

Amplivox (link)

MedRx (link)

Interacoustics (link)

Micromedical (link)

Maico (link)

Widex (link)

Hearing Aid Brands

Widex (link)

AGX (link)

Coselgi (link)



“Widex” retail shops exist in Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Hungary, Brazil, Argentina and Chile

Bloom (link)

Active in Europe, Australia and Asia

Helix Hearing Care (link)

Audiofon (link)

Retail in Poland and Russia


AMG (link)

Lifestyle Hearing (link)

Starkey (link)

Hearing Aid Brands

Starkey (link)

Nu-Ear (link)

Audibel (link)

Micro-Tech (link)

AGX (link)



All American Hearing Centers (link)

Audibel (link)

ihear (link) – Australia


American Hearing Benefits (link)

Sonova (link)

Cochlear Implant Brands:

Advanced Bionics (link)

Hearing Aid Brands

Phonak (link)

Unitron (link)

Lyric (link)

Hansaton (link)


Connect Hearing (link)

AudioNova (link) (link)

AuditionSanté (link)

Boots Hearingcare (link)

Lapperre (link)


Epic Hearing Healthcare (link)

Sivantos (link)

Hearing Aid Brands

Signia (link)

Siemens (link)

Rexton (link)

Miracle Ear (link)

Audio Service (link)

A&M Hearing (link)

AGX (link)

Kirkland Signature (link)

Sivantos recently won Costco contract


HearUSA (link) (link)

CVS (link)

Rexton aids sold at select CVS

audibene (link)

GN Group (link)

Hearing Aid Brands

Resound (link)

Interton (link)

Beltone (link)

Danalogic (link)

Kirkland Signature (link)

Recently lost Costco contract.

AGX (link)


Beltone (link)


Audigy Group (link)

Jabra (link)

Audiology Systems (link)

IntriCon (link)

Hearing Aid Brands

HiHealthInnovations (link)

EarVenture (link)

Jointly owned by IntriCon and the Academyof
Doctors of Audiology


For hearing aids


Amplifon (link)


Miracle Ear (link)

Hear More Canada (link)

Link to press

National Hearing Care (link)

Bay Audiology (link)

Focus Hören (link)

die Hörmeister


Elite Hearing Network (link)

Zounds (link)

Hearing Aid Brands

Zounds (link)

Eriksson Hearing (link)


Zounds (link)

America Hears (link)


Hearing Lab Technology (link)

Sam’s Clubs (link)


America Hears (link)

Blamey & Saunders (Australia) (link)

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