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Signia booth at AAA 2018

What is the AAA Conference?

The American Academy of Audiology’s annual AAA Conference is the hearing aid world’s equivalent of the Consumer Technology Association’s annual CES convention. The world’s preeminent hearing aid companies come together with thousands of audiologists – for four days – to launch and promote new products, services, and technologies.

#AAAConf2018 Live Stream Coverage

Dr Cliff Olson hit the expo hall to discover some of the most significant product announcements at this year’s #AAAConf2018, and provided live streaming interviews to Hearing Tracker’s Facebook followers throughout the event. Here are some of our favorite videos, updated with captions:

1. Earlens – An Invisible Laser-Enabled Hearing Aid

Drew Dundas discusses the technology behind the Earlens hearing aid, and explains the process of purchasing and being fitted with an Earlens.

Earlens is probably the most significant advancement in hearing technology in the last 20 years. It’s a system that is very similar to traditional hearing aids, in many ways, but very different in others. Using an actual lens, similar to a contact lens, that sits on the eardrum to transduce sound. And, this offers a greatly enhance sound quality experience for the use of the technology. – Drew Dundas

2. Nuheara launches IQBuds Boost Hearing Assistance Earbuds

Nuheara’s latest IQBuds (Boost) perform a hearing check and provide personalized amplification based on your unique hearing profile.

They all know what [NAL] NL2 is. We’re the first hearable company that’s actually licensed that technology. With NL2, you can actually calibrate your IQbuds to your own hearing profile. It’s pretty exciting for the consumer. – David Cannington

3. Phonak Launches Rechargeable CROS B

Phonak’s Nicole Klutz discusses the new rechargeable CROS B hearing aid, part of the Belong family, and the other rechargeable hearing aid available with the Phonak’s newest technology.

The battery life is up to 20 hours if not longer of that constant streaming so they don’t have to worry about carrying batteries around anymore, changing batteries or even having to think about it. They literally can just get up at the beginning of the day and go on about the whole entire day without worrying about it. – Nicole Klutz

4. Songs For Sound Charity with Founder

Jaime Vernon introduces us to the mission and activities of Songs For Sound at the AudiologyNow! 2018 convention in Nashville.

… we do audiology awareness months, we do some stickers and do a lot with our boys and girls clubs that we serve. We also, during Better Speech and Hearing Month, we’re doing the Million Ear Challenge with the players. So we do a lot of T-Shirts and all that giveaway. – Jaime Vernon

5. Signia Launches New “Invisible” Hearing Aid Silk Nx

Tish Ramirez from Signia Hearing discusses the launch of the new instant-fit Silk hearing aid, now with Nx technology.

We are introducing our new Silk NX. So, it is very discrete. It’s an instant fit, in the ear, invisible instrument. In addition to that, we have a CROS option for Silk. So, you can do invisible to invisible for CROS/BiCROS. – Tish Ramirez

6. Widex EVOKE Cinema with Tiffany Brown

Tiffany Brown introduces the Widex EVOKE Cinema at an annual audiology convention AAA in Nashville.

So we have a direct to TV solution that we’ll be launching some time late summer, early fall and then over here we’re also talking about our new product which is EVOKE. – Tiffany Brown

7. Widex Evoke With Engineer Anders Jessen

Widex engineer Anders Jessen discusses upcoming Widex Evoke machine learning technology and teases Widex’s new fuel cell technology. For those that want a little more detail on the technology, this video is a must.

We just released the WIDEX EVOKE hearing aid. The greatest new thing about that is actually within the realm of how it is adaptable to the user’s listening intent in every situation they are in. – Anders Jessen

8. Unitron Launches Moxi All Hearing Aid

Jan Storhaug from Unitron discusses the new Moxi All hearing aid and Unitron’s innovative Flex system that allows upgrading the software on hearing aids.

We have launched Moxi All, which is our newest product family, and five technology levels that is revolutionary in the industry. It’s hands-free, it’s made for all cellphones.

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