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It all starts with the provider creating a new ticket for their patient. The process takes a few seconds. First, click on the “My Account” link. Then click on “Review Tickets.” (you must be logged in).


Next, tell us a little bit about your patient. This process is 100% HIPAA compliant, as you are not providing any Protected Health Information (PHI) about your patient.


After clicking on “Create Ticket” you will see a new page showing all your tickets.

Click to print either the “Web Ticket” or the “Paper Survey” for the top entry:


For now, we’ll explain the Web Ticket.

The PDF ticket should automatically open after clicking on the “Web Ticket” link (shown above). If not click on the recent download, on the bottom of your browser.


Now you should see a PDF showing a set of instructions and unique code for your patient to review you and their hearing aid fitting.


Print the ticket, and tell your patient to follow the instructions from the convenience of home. If they do not have a home computer, you may ask them to complete their review on a computer in your clinic. Remember we will send a few packs of free batteries to every patient who completes the review. Please remind your patients that Hearing Tracker is offering the batteries, and they are sent regardless of the results of the review. In other words, they should understand that leaving an honest review will still earn batteries! Please note that batteries are only offered while supplies last.

So what will your patient see when they get home. When they follow the link on the ticket, they will see the following:



Once they enter the code on their ticket and click “Go!” they will be immediately taken to the first review survey, where they will review their hearing aid fitting. No registration necessary.


Following this survey, they will be led to the second survey, a more general survey about their provider.


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